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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 26 March 2022

    What are the best herbs to improve your sleep?

    Tossing and turning for hours, getting out of bed at night to watch some TV on the couch, watching the light slowly come through the curtains… If you have sleeping problems, you know how frustrating that can be. Sleep seems elusive, while you are really tired. Unfortunately, many people suffer from broken nights and try to stay afloat with large cups of coffee or sleeping pills. However, the use of these agents exacerbates the problems. Fortunately, there are also herbs that can help you sleep better.


    Better sleep with natural herbs

    Sleep problems can have a major impact on your daily life. You may lie awake for hours or wake up several times during the night. Whatever it is, if your hours of sleep are short, you will run into problems during the day. You have trouble concentrating, have a lack of energy, you can have a headache and have trouble following conversations.


    If you continue with sleeping problems for a long time, this can actually undermine your health. Sleeping pills are not a good solution. You can use them temporarily, but eventually they become addictive, while sleeping pills do not give you a really healthy night's sleep. With herbs, you can sleep better: they have a calming effect, are not addictive and are also good when you suffer from stress. Break through your sleeping problems and make use of what nature has to offer.

    Skull cap

    Skullcap (in Dutch Glidkruid) is a plant that has been known for centuries in traditional medicine. It belongs to the lip flower family, as do well-known herbs such as oregano, sage and mint. Skullcap is used to treat allergies, it has an analgesic effect and can be used for digestive problems.


    But it also has a powerful calming effect. That can come in handy for sleeping problems. Even if you suffer from anxiety and stress, Skullcap can provide more relaxation and it also has a positive effect on mood. The herb can also be used in combination with other soothing herbs, such as valerian or CBD (CBD oil or CBD edibles). You can make an herbal tea from skullcap, which you can take before going to sleep. Drink 1 or 2 cups so that you can lie in bed with a relaxed feeling. Skullcap can help you relax faster, fall asleep more easily and sleep better.



    Valerian is one of the best-known herbs that is often used in the Netherlands for sleeping problems. The plant is a member of the honeysuckle family and grows in Asia and Europe. Within herbal medicine, Valerian is known for its calming effect, which can be used for tension and insomnia. Today many people suffer from stress, anxiety and worry. Valerian  calms both physically and mentally and can help restore the natural sleep rhythm. Take a capsule before going to sleep so you can benefit from its calming effect.


    Blue Lotus

    The Blue Lotus is also one of the herbs that can help you sleep better. This beautiful lotus flower grows in ponds, where it clings to the mud with its long roots to form large leaves on the surface of the water. The ancient Egyptians could already appreciate its calming properties. Even today you can take Blue Lotus for stress and sleeping problems. You can also use it during the day, because it has a relaxing effect, but you still stay mentally sharp. The herb can also help counteract the negative effects of stress, such as diarrhea and abdominal cramps. You can make a relaxing tea from Blue Lotus. In higher doses, the herb can have a mild hallucinatory effect. So keep that in mind if you don't need it.



    Kratom is a tree native to Southeast Asia. The leaves are used for its positive effect on mood and for its calming or stimulating effect. The active ingredient in the leaves, mitragynine, has an anesthetic effect at higher doses, but a stimulant at lower doses. When you have sleeping problems or suffer from stress, kratom is very effective. Kratom can make you fall asleep faster, worry less and feel less tense. Good to know, kratom is not addictive.


    Poison lettuce

    You can make a calming herbal tea from poison lettuce (also called Wild Lettuce). The herb contains lactucine, a substance which is related to morphine. However, it is not an opiate. Lactucine has a dampening effect on the nervous system, and it has an anesthetic, soothing and analgesic effect. If you take poison lettuce, you will quickly feel sleepy and wonderfully relaxed. It can induce a kind of dream state. It is therefore a good idea to take poison lettuce after a strenuous, stressful day to still be able to sleep well. If you suffer from anxiety or are very nervous, poison lettuce can also be a useful herb for you. Take a cup of poison lettuce tea before going to sleep, then this herb can help you fall asleep quickly and sleep well.


    If you want to sleep better, there are various herbs that can help with that. The big advantage is that they support natural sleep and are not addictive. You can make tea of ​​most herbs, or take them as capsule. Enjoy a wonderful, healthy night's sleep with these natural herbs.

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