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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 27 August 2022

    Three ways to grow magic mushrooms at home

    Do you ever want to know what it's like to use magic mushrooms? Then there is only one solution and that is growing your own magic mushrooms at home. Magic mushrooms cannot be sold in the Netherlands, but you can grow them at home. There are three ways you can do this: with a magic mushroom grow kit, through brood grafting, and with PF-TEK. One method is easier to do than the other. Read this blog to learn all about these three ways to grow magic mushrooms at home.


    How can you grow magic mushrooms at home?

    Anyone who wants to use magic mushrooms will have to take action themselves. The times when you could go to a smart shop to buy dried or fresh mushrooms are long gone. Since 2008, the sale of magic mushrooms has been banned. And to look for mushrooms in a forest, that also entails risks.


    But growing your own magic mushrooms is much easier than you might think. For example, you can use a ready-made grow kit, these are suitable for both beginners and experienced growers. The second option is PF-TEK and the third brood grafting. Below, you can read more about the different methods.

    1. Mushroom cultivation kit

    With a magic mushroom grow kit you can quickly and easily grow magic mushrooms at home. A grow kit (also called a grow kit) can be used several times and therefore produces a large amount of magic mushrooms. There are different brands available (in our shop you will find grow kits from Premium, 100% Mycelium and All in One.


    They all come with clear instructions for use, and you don't need any previous knowledge to use them. A grow kit contains a grow kit with the mycelium of the mushroom species you have chosen and a grow bag. Some contain even more, but that depends on the brand.


    A grow kit is easy to use, but it is also important to work as hygienically as possible. Before you start working with the grow kit, wash your hands and wear a face mask. The package you purchase contains a ready-made substrate that has already been colonized. The set is therefore ready for the growth of the mushrooms.


    Most sets follow the same steps: the mycelium needs water and air. You moisten it and place the grow kit in the bag. After a few days the first small mushrooms appear and after about one to two weeks the mushrooms can already be harvested! Always read the manual before using the grow kit, because the method can differ per brand.


    Why choose a grow kit?

    A grow kit is actually the easiest way to soak magic mushrooms at home. Anyone can do it and with this you can get several mushroom harvests for an attractive price. So if you would like to trip with magic mushrooms, you should definitely try a magic mushroom grow kit. There are a large number of brands and types of magic mushrooms available.


    There are actually no drawbacks to it. The other options are especially interesting if you want more options, such as growing your own from your own spore syringe or spore prints and want to experiment with genetics. Mushroom grow kits are ideal for those who want to keep it simple.


    2. PF-TEK

    If you really want to grow your own magic mushrooms from start to finish, you can use the PF-Tek method. You can get big harvests with this, and you have full control over the process. However, a little more material is needed, but it is easy to find and not very expensive.


    You need this for PF-Tek:

    • Mushroom spores (via a spore syringe or make a spore print)
    • Pot or tray for the mycelium
    • Brown rice flour (the medium on which the mycelium can grow)
    • Vermiculite
    • Plastic container with lid (for the last phase of growth)


    The procedure is as follows: mix the vermiculite and the rice flour and put it in a container. After this, both the medium and the container must be sterilized. When that is done, you can inject the spores into the medium. Then you have to wait for the mushrooms to germinate and grow larger. When the pins are formed, remove the mycelium from the pot and put the whole thing in the larger plastic container. If you provide the right conditions, the pins will grow into beautiful, large mushrooms.


    Why choose PF-Tek?

    This method is suitable for anyone who is interested in magic mushrooms and would like to have control over their cultivation. It is not too complicated, and you can get good results with it. However, it does require a lot of patience, and it can also go wrong. If you prefer convenience, a grow kit is more you.

    3. Grafting brood

    If a big harvest is what you want, then brood grafting is what you should go for. It is not much more complicated than PF-Tek and allows you to grow a lot of magic mushrooms. For this method (bulk growing) you need a brood. This represents a mass of mycelium, with which you will colonize the bulk substrate. You can choose to inoculate a large substrate, but it is safer to do that with several small substrates and add this to a large substrate.

    You will then need the following:

    • Large plastic container with lid
    • Coconut fiber
    • 5 liters of vermiculite
    • Slaked lime
    • 2 liters of water

    You'll need more material, but we can't go into all the details in this blog. You can find out more about this growing method online or in books. Once you have made your brood, add it to the substrate. Note the humidity and temperature. If everything goes well, you will see big flushes come up.

    Why choose brood grafting?

    If you want an almost endless supply of magic mushrooms, this is the method for you. This is about bulk, as you could see, and that means that you can get large amounts of magic mushrooms with brood grafting.

    How are you going to grow your magic mushrooms?

    There are different ways in which you can grow magic mushrooms yourself at home. You are always in the right place with a grow kit: you can also get multiple harvests with it. And if you then dry your mushrooms, they have a very long shelf life. But if you want more, you can go for PF-Tek or brood grafting. So something for everyone and plenty of options to enjoy magical trips with magic mushrooms.

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