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    Dr.Paddo - Wednesday 30 January 2022

    This is how you prevent kratom from making you nauseous

    Have you ever used kratom and suffered from nausea? This may prevent you from taking full advantage of the effects of this plant. Kratom can boost your energy or help you relax. When you suffer from stress or sleeping problems, kratom is a great remedy that can help you relax faster. But also promoting the energy is a reason for many people to use it. Unfortunately, nausea is a common side effect. However, with a few helpful tips, you can reduce the chance that kratom will make you nauseous.


    Nausea from kratom: tips to prevent this

    Would you like kratom, but are you not waiting for a bad feeling of nausea? Below you will find 5 tips with which you can reduce the risk of nausea. Try it out and see which one works best for you.

    Tip 1. antacids and a small snack

    Kratom works quickly and effectively when taken on an empty stomach. In this way, your body absorbs the alkaloids quickly, so that they enter the bloodstream within a short time. But if you don't eat anything before taking kratom, you're even more likely to get nauseous. So you should choose to eat something before taking kratom, or accept that you will feel bad afterwards. But there is a solution to this problem.


    When you take antacids 30 minutes before your kratom, the stomach acid is neutralized and you can also get rid of accumulated air from the stomach. However, be aware that antacids may enhance the effects of certain drugs, including kratom. So this is definitely something to think about and possibly a reason to lower your dose of kratom. We also recommend having a small snack half an hour after taking kratom. This will also help calm the stomach and may reduce nausea.


    Tip 2: Weigh your dose accurately

    An important factor in the risk of nausea from kratom is the dose. If you use too much, it is possible that your stomach will get upset. So it's important to find the most effective dose that won't make you sick. Use a digital scale (which is accurate to the gram) to weigh your dose. Start with a dose of 1 gram and take the time to see what effect this has. Wait 45 minutes and if it was not enough, take another 1 gram. You can continue until you notice the desired effect, then stop.


    The next time you take kratom, start at that dose and gradually increase the dose in the same way. Stop every time before you go over your limit. It is always important to weigh your doses accurately, so don't gamble when taking kratom.

    Tip 3: Take ginger

    Ginger is known as a natural remedy that can help the stomach  soothe. If you use kratom, you can take advantage of the soothing properties of ginger. Grind fresh ginger fine and add it to your kratom powder or kratom tea. You can also take it if you are already nauseous, chewing on a piece of fresh ginger can help.


    Tip 4: Drink enough water

    One of the main causes of nausea from kratom is dehydration. The powders in particular increase the risk of this. Drinking plenty of water after taking kratom will not only prevent dehydration, which will help with nausea. It also ensures that the active substances are out of your system faster.


    Tip 5: Make Kratom tea

    The risk of nausea is quite a bit higher when you use kratom powder than when you take it in the form of tea. The powder contains all parts of the leaves, so the fibers, chlorophyll and the like. These have no special effects, but can make the side effects worse. If you make kratom tea, the active substances, such as alkaloids, end up in the water, but you filter out the other ingredients. That is why you have less chance of nausea with tea. It's a bit gentler on the stomach. If you have the option to make tea, this is recommended to prevent nausea.


    As you can see, there are many things you can do to reduce the chances of kratom making you nauseous. Use this powerful remedy wisely so that you can enjoy its many benefits and not suffer from unpleasant side effects. For more information about kratom read our blog: Everything about kratom: what is it and where does it come from?

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