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    Dr.Paddo - Wednesday 30 November 2021

    Lucid dreaming: is it safe?

    The dream world has always had a special attraction for people. It is a unique insight into our world of thoughts, into what is going on inside us. We often try to analyze our dreams to find out whether the images have something to tell us. Another way to delve deeper into your dream world is through lucid dreaming. That is a technique for becoming aware of the fact that you are dreaming while you are dreaming. But is lucid dreaming safe, you might ask? What happens if something bad happens to you? Can Lucid Dreaming Scare You? In this blog, we explain everything about the safety of lucid dreaming.


    Why should you dream lucid?

    What can happen in your dreams is fascinating. Not only can you experience fantastic things, but you also experience all kinds of emotions. Dreams can teach you a lot about yourself because of this. But after waking up, the experience often dissipates, and it is usually very difficult to figure out what dream images mean.


    Lucid dreaming can help to gain that insight. When you have mastered the technique, you become aware during a dream that you are dreaming. So you can actively participate in the dream: decide where to go, how to deal with an opponent, in short, whatever you want. Lucid dreaming makes it possible to face your fears, find your courage or process grief. Those are the benefits. But is lucid dreaming safe or does it also have drawbacks?


    Is lucid dreaming safe?

    In principle, lucid dreaming is safe. You are in your own mind and nothing can happen to you. However, it is not always a pleasant experience. Below we explain what the problems could be and how you can solve them.

    Calea zacatechichi

    1. Waking up in a nightmare

    Having nightmares is never fun. If you dream lucid, you can also end up in a nightmare. If you're lucid, so know you're dreaming, you could be in control of what happens. However, if a nightmare is very intense, you may lose control because you get scared in the dream. In that case you experience a nightmare consciously, without being able to direct anything. That is of course not a pleasant experience.


    What you can do:

    Lucid dreaming gives you the advantage of remembering what you experienced during the nightmare. You can therefore try to gain more insight into your experience afterwards and thereby try to overcome your fears. You faced them in the dream. Lucid dreaming gives you the opportunity to look at it differently from now on, or to deal with it differently. It's not easy to do this. If the nightmares keep coming back, it may be wise to temporarily stop lucid dreaming.


    2. Lucid dreaming and feeling safe: emotions

    Dreams are an emotional experience. Even during a lucid dream you can have to deal with emotions and they are often even more intense than in reality. Fears, sadness, and feelings of love or anger come in instantly and intensely. They can even be emotions that you don't often experience in your daily life. These can also feel very negative. What do you do with that?


    What you can do:

    Emotions are the messengers of your inner self. If you feel a lot of emotions during a lucid dream, it is important to consider them. It's good to face them and accept that you feel that way. Often these are feelings that you did not want to feel in everyday life. By consciously observing them in a lucid dream and then accepting them, you give them a place. It's a part of yourself that you can heal that way. You will benefit greatly from this in your waking consciousness.


    3. Being trapped in a dream

    Sometimes it can happen that you get the feeling that you can no longer wake up from a lucid dream. It also happens that you go from one lucid dream to the next. That is a terrifying feeling, that you are trapped in your dream world.


    What you can do:
    What is important during lucid dreaming is that you can remind yourself of the facts. You cannot remain trapped in a dream, because you will wake up again. Reassure yourself that you have had lucid dreams more than once and have come out of them. This sober thought can give you something to hold on to and reduce the panic.


    4. Confusing dreams with reality

    If reality and the dream world start to merge, then there is a problematic situation. Both in the lucid dream and in daily reality, you canworld is. That's very confusing. Because you experience your dreams so consciously, vivid memories from the dreams can flood in during the day. And during the dream you experience things that are so realistic that you wonder if this is not real.


    What you can do:

    Fortunately, this does not happen often, but if it happens to you, it is wise to stop lucid dreaming immediately. Lucid dreaming is safe, but if you can no longer distinguish between reality and the dream world, you no longer have a grip on your own mind. It is now time to stop this. Stop writing down your dreams and stop using the techniques that induce lucid dreaming. As a result, you will quickly regain peace and it will become clear again what is real and what is not.

    As you can see, the risks of lucid dreaming are small. And if you get into trouble, you can just stop. The technique has many advantages, the insights you get from the dream world can help you in daily life. Would you like to dream lucid? There are dream herbs, such as African Dream Root and Calea Zacatechichi, that can induce lucid dreams. We wish you a wonderful dream experience.

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