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    Dr.Paddo - Tuesday 26 October 2021

    Blue Lotus: Everything you need to know

    The Blue Lotus is not as well known as cannabis, magic mushrooms or mescaline cacti, but has nice effects. The Blue Lotus is also a plant with psychoactive effects. However, this lovely aquatic plant doesn't have as much following as the other psychedelics, which is a shame. Because the Blue Lotus has potential: it gives a euphoric high, but also provides a wonderfully relaxed feeling. It is not for nothing that the Lotus was worshipped in Ancient Egypt. Discover it for yourself and find out everything about the Blue Lotus in this blog.

    Growth and flowering of the Blue Lotus

    Originally, the Blue Lotus comes from East Africa. It prefers to grow in warm, standing water, where it roots with a rhizome in the muddy bottom. The leaves float on top of the water, where a beautiful blue flower with a yellow heart will bloom. The Blue Lotus is therefore a plant from the water lily family. It is now widely grown for ornamental purposes, because the plant looks great in ponds. Yet it has also been used for thousands of years for its psychoactive properties and health effects.

    Use of the Blue Lotus in ancient times

    In Ancient Egypt, the Blue Lotus was highly regarded. It was known that you could support your health with it. It was used, like ginseng in China, as a remedy that could be used for all kinds of ailments. Blue Lotus was good for your sex drive (aphrodisiac), it worked as an analgesic and stimulated blood flow.

    Blue Lotus was also used for digestive problems: abdominal pain, stomach ulcers and intestinal cramps. But it was also used for menstrual complaints, acne and dry skin. Of course, the ancient Egyptians also knew about the mind-altering effects of this plant. Because of its special properties, the plant was seen as a symbol of rebirth and creation. He was worshipped and used in rituals by priests.

    Research on the Blue Lotus

    The ancient Egyptians probably did not know which active substances are in the Blue Lotus. Now we know much more and research is being done into the influence of this plant on our health. Off research shows that the Blue Lotus contains alkaloids, which inhibit the production of Gamma -amino butyric acid (GABA), as well as serotonin and dopamine. These data show that the alkaloids in this aquatic plant have an anaesthetic effect and can help reduce anxiety. This is also apparent from 2018 study, testing the effects of the plant on mice. Scientists also investigated the effects of the Blue Lotus on certain receptors in the brain and nervous system. It turns out that the substances in the plant promote relaxation. Japanese research from the Yokohama College of Pharmacy shows that two alkaloids from the Blue Lotus have effects that can work against depression.

    Mind-altering properties

    Blue Lotus contains alkaloids, including apomorphine. These substances have the same effect as dopamine in the brain, so they improve your mood. So by taking Blue Lotus, you will feel better about yourself and even euphoric. In addition, you remain relaxed, and the plant has a hypnotic effect. Your muscles and nerves also relax. As a result, you can also very well take Blue Lotus before going to sleep. The mind-altering effects will only be noticeable if you take larger amounts. Many people like the effect, you can get mild visions or notice a spiritual awakening. As if the third eye is opening. You may feel dreamy and notice greater self-awareness.


    You can easily take Blue Lotus by making a tea out of it. Put 5 grams of Blue Lotus tea in hot water and let it steep. You can also put the leaves in an alcoholic drink and let it soak for a few hours. Then don't use more than 5 grams, because your drink will become very bitter in that case. The effect of Blue Lotus lasts for about 2 hours. Blue Lotus can also be smoked: roll the dried flowers in tissue paper. The psychoactive effects are a lot stronger, so keep that in mind. Be careful about how much you use. You can also use a vape pen and inhale Blue Lotus.

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