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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 30 December 2022

    LSA and LSD: are these substances the same or different?

    When you talk about LSD and LSA, you may think that they are similar. Not only do they have a similar sounding name, but they also share a common precursor, lysergic acid. Yet it turns out that LSA and LSD can cause quite different effects. In this blog, we look at the similarities and differences between LSA and LSD.


    What are LSA and LSD?

    LSA (Lysergic Acid Amide) has been used by tribal peoples for centuries as medicine and in rituals. So it is a natural mind-altering drug. For example, the seeds of the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, Ololiuqui, and Morning Glory contain LSA. LSD (D-lysergic acid diethylamide), on the other hand, was developed in a laboratory. It is a chemical derivative of alkaloids produced by a particular fungus, the ergot fungus. The remedy works discovered by Albert Hofmann. You take LSA by chewing on LSA seeds, LSD is a colorless liquid that is processed in tablets or paper strips.


    Both LSD and LSA have a similar composition. They contain a precursor of lysergic acid, a substance that has mind-altering effects. But although there are similarities in the composition of the two drugs, they do not have the same effects.


    How do LSA and LSD differ?

    One of the main differences between LSA and LSD lies in their origin. LSA is a natural psychedelic, while LSD is a synthesized, lab-made, substance. For some people, that's an important difference. If you prefer to use natural remedies, you know what is best to take. But the effect of LSD and LSA also differs.


    Legality and safety

    LSA seeds or extracts are freely available in the Netherlands. That makes the use in itself relaxed, of course. LSA is also safe to use, it is a natural product that has not been modified. That is different with LSD. LSD is on List 1 of the Opium Act and is therefore prohibited. It is therefore more difficult to obtain and you are breaking the law if you use it. In addition, producing LSD is complicated and the ingredients are not easy to find. That is why there are sometimes harmful additives in LSD, which are harmful to your health. The risks when using LSD are therefore much greater than when you take LSA.


    Difference in side effects

    LSD has almost no side effects. The active substances are quickly absorbed by the body (especially if you take a blotter) and if you have pure LSD, your body does not have to process any other substances. LSD also wears off quickly. You may have heard that people suffer from muscle pain and headaches after taking LSD. However, that usually happens if the LSD was contaminated.


    LSA can cause some side effects. Nausea is often mentioned as a side effect. Often this comes on soon after ingesting the seeds and may go away over time. Because LSA seeds are less powerful than LSD, for example, you also have to take quite a bit. But the more you take, the more you can suffer from side effects. It is probably not LSA that causes nausea, but other substances contained in the seeds. If you want to prevent nausea, it is advisable to drink a cup of milk or take some fresh ginger before using the seeds.

    The different effects of LSA and LSD

    But after these differences, you would of course also like to know what the differences in effects are between LSA and LSD. Because that there are differences, that's a fact. LSA delivers a mainly introspective, spiritual trip. This one is often described as dreamy and calm. You can see visuals, but they are usually not real hallucinations.


    Your body can feel heavy, so people usually prefer to lie down. LSA can provide you with new insights, and sometimes a trip goes really deep. It is therefore no wonder that primitive peoples saw these means as a way to contact the gods. So you can really learn something valuable through a trip with LSA, such as insights about your own behavior, your emotions or your place in the world or even about death and life itself.


    LSD has a completely different atmosphere. During a trip you do get hallucinations: intense patterns, deeper colors, even full sensory hallucinations are possible. Here you have the feeling that you have really entered a different world. You can meet other creatures, see landscapes and be completely away from this world. People indicate that they feel very energetic. If you feel lethargic and somewhat tired with LSA, LSD has a stimulating effect. You see both with your eyes open and with your eyes closedvivid visuals.


    What to choose now?

    The effects of LSA and LSD are therefore very different. Anyone interested in a very activating and lively trip, in which you can experience the most wonderful things, should go for LSD. But given the safety and the fact that this drug is prohibited, we recommend going for something else. There are plenty of fun and safe resources to choose from, with which you can also have a special trip. For example, take a look at the magic mushrooms or the Psychedelic department.


    If you are looking for a quiet, even mystical trip, then LSA seeds are for you. In the shop of Dr. Magic mushrooms can be found Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Madagascar or from MysticSeeds), Morning Glory and Ololiuqui seeds.

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