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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 26 May 2023

    How to make your own herbal capsules?

    Do you use a herbal supplement and have trouble taking it? That could be because of the taste or the texture. If this has happened to you too, it's a good idea to make your own herbal capsules yourself. This is not only easy, but also helps you save costs and dose your herbs better. In this blog you can read exactly how making your own capsules works with capsule machines.


    The advantages of making your own herbal capsules

    As mentioned, you can make your own herbal capsules yourself, because that way you do not suffer from an unpleasant taste of certain herbs. But there are many more reasons to get started with this. This way you can accurately determine the dosage and you can combine several herbs in a capsule. So you can compose your natural herbal remedy exactly as you want.

    Furthermore, homemade capsules are usually a lot cheaper than buying the same product in a store or online shop. You can buy your herbs in larger quantities and then make your own capsules. That saves a lot of costs. In addition, your own filled capsules are free of unwanted additives, such as fillers, sweeteners, anti-caking agents and other additives.


    Sizes encapsulation machines

    Before you purchase a capsule machine, it is useful to know exactly what you need. There are different sizes. The size determines the dose contained in a capsule. A size 00 capsule machine will fit size 00 capsules and hold 650mg of herbs.

    A size 1 capsule machine can process size 1 capsules and hold 400mg of herbs. Then there is a size 0 capsule machine for capsules with a content of 500 mg. The machines are very easy to use and with these devices you can quickly and easily make your own herbal capsules.

    You can also get capsules in our shop. You can choose gelatin or vegetarian capsules. Make sure you choose the right size capsules for your encapsulation machine.

    Tips for using a capsule machine

    Do you want to make your own herbal capsules? Then follow the simple steps below, and before you know it, you will have a supply of your favorite natural herbal remedies.

    • To get your herbs in a capsule, you will first have to grind the herbs. This can be done with a coffee grinder, a mortar and pestle or a special spice grinder. The herbs must be so fine that they fit well in the capsules.
    • Take out your encapsulation machine and the right, still empty, capsules in the right size that fits the machine. Put the bottom half of the capsules in the machine.
    • Now divide your herbs over the capsules. The machine comes with a green card, which you can use to get all the herbs into the capsules and distribute everything well.
    • Press the herbs with the included pestle. If there is still room left, you can add some more herbs, until the capsules are full.
    • Put the other half of the capsules in the other part of the machine (the top) and place it on top of the filled capsules. Press firmly on the assembly so that the capsules fit together.

    With the capsule machine, you can prepare 24 capsules in a short time. In no time you have made a large stock of your favorite natural remedy. That also means you don't have to do this too often. Store your own herbal capsules in a clean, tightly closed jar. Keep a close eye on how you react to self-made medicine and see if this dose is right for you. If necessary, you can of course make a larger or smaller capsule next time (note, you will need a different capsule machine) or add other herbs.


    Which herbs can you use?

    Wondering which herbs are suitable to put in a capsule? You really have a lot of choice. In principle, all (dried) herbs are suitable. Below are some examples:

    • Valerian: widely used for sleep problems and has a soothing effect on stress and anxiety</li >
    • Gingko biloba: For memory, cognition and concentration
    • Milk thistle: promotes digestion
    • African dream herb: Promotes lucid dreaming
    • St. John's wort: for depression and menopausal complaints
    • Rosemary: Contains cattle

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