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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 30 June 2022

    How can CBD help with exercise?

    CBD is known as a soothing and analgesic agent. For headaches, anxiety, stress and rheumatism, CBD is the first choice for many people. But did you know that as an athlete, you can also benefit a lot from CBD oil? Regular exercise is good for you, but also demands a lot from your body and mind. CBD helps your body recover faster and can also support you mentally. Below, you can read all about the advantages of CBD  in sports.

    The influence of CBD on the body

    Do you train regularly? Whether your training consists of a nice walk in the woods or a solid workout in the gym, exercise helps strengthen your muscles, promotes good blood circulation and is even good for your resistance. Especially given the fact that we as humans sit a lot these days, moving every day is a good idea. It helps to keep your body healthy.


    But on the other hand, sports is also a burden and of course you always have the risk of injuries. When you exercise, you are trying to strengthen your muscles and they have to work harder than usual. After a workout, your body will have to work to repair the damage from the workout, which will eventually make your muscles stronger. That in itself is not a problem, but you can suffer from fatigue and muscle pain.


    You can also suffer from tension and maybe even fear during matches. There is a pressure on you to perform at exactly the right time. Tension can help you put in a good performance, but if the tension is too high, it will work against you. As said, exercising is good for you, but also demands a lot. CBD oil is a natural remedy that can help support you during exercise.


    CBD (cannabidiol) is a substance obtained from the hemp plant. It works in your body with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). All kinds of processes are continuously going on in your body. The ECS is the overarching system that helps regulate all of these. CBD can influence your cells via the ECS. As a result, it can help to relieve pain, inhibit inflammation and has a calming effect. So you can also benefit from this when you exercise.

    This is how CBD can help with exercise

    Less suffer from (muscle) pain

    Even experienced athletes can suffer from it: muscle pain. You won't have any problems during your workout, but it can come up even two days after training. Fortunately, muscle pain can't hurt, but it can feel annoying and get in the way of your next workout. Fortunately, CBD can help. The analgesic effect helps to reduce pain, so that you suffer less from muscle pain. This way you can train as intensively as you want every time without restrictions of pain. This also comes in handy if you suffer from an injury due to sports. Make sure that your body gets enough time to recover.


    CBD oil is also a good option for people who have never been able to exercise due to painful conditions, for example due to rheumatism. You can also benefit from the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect of this cannabinoid. CBD oil gives you the opportunity to move more freely. It could just be that (calm) sports are also reserved for you.


    Better sleep means better performance

    A good night's sleep is very important if you want to perform well during exercise. But many people have sleeping problems. This is often due to stress, which makes you feel restless or worry for a long time. After a disturbed night's sleep, you feel tired and of course you don't have enough energy to give everything during your workout, let alone when you have a competition. CBD could be the solution. It has calming properties that help you enjoy a deep and restorative sleep.


    Research  shows that CBD can calm stress, anxiety and restlessness. This is especially beneficial for sleeping problems. You feel calmer when you lie down in bed, fall asleep more easily, and can sleep longer. If you are going to exercise, take CBD the night before. Your body and mind can recover optimally during the night, so that you wake up fit and full of energy the next morning.

    Getting more out of exercise with CBD

    CBD is already well known in the sports world, many well-known athletes use it. Cannabidiol has benefits for athletes:

    • Improves blood circulation: more oxygen gets to organs and musclesrun. This means more power and faster response.
    • Muscles recover faster after exercise.
    • Positive effect on your mood: better motivation, less tension.
    • It's easier to get into the flow.

    Whether you exercise as a hobby or (semi) professionally, CBD supports both body and mind and helps you achieve better performance.


    Helps with stress and anxiety

    Just like with other activities where you have to perform, sports can also cause the necessary anxiety and stress (whether you're a professional athlete or an amateur). You can feel the pressure, especially during competitions. CBD is a natural remedy that can help you better deal with this type of stress. When you're under pressure, nervous or scared, it can make you perform less well: your muscles are stiffer and your concentration suffers. If you take CBD before exercise, it can bring more relaxation physically and mentally. You will probably feel calmer, and you will not only be able to perform better, but you will also have much more fun exercising!


    As you can see, as an athlete, you can get many benefits from using CBD. CBD is not only available as an oil, but also as crystals, edibles  and pasta. In the webshop of Dr. You can even find magic mushrooms CBD oil specifically for athletes from HempCare and supplements with CBD for athletes.

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