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    Dr.Paddo - Monday 30 July 2021

    More peace in your life with CBD

    If you have a lot of stress in your life and would like a little more rest, CBD could help with that. A large proportion of people regularly suffer from stress, and that is no wonder. A high workload, worry about what is happening to the world (war, disease, hunger), problems in your own life with children, finances or your relationship, all these things can contribute to a growing feeling of stress.

    A little stress is not so bad, we can handle that. But when you're under pressure for weeks, the tension can break you. You may suffer from physical and/or mental complaints. CBD could be the solution. It has soothing properties, so you can still find peace during stress.

    What does stress do to your body and mind?

    You can see stress as a challenge: there are always things in life that you struggle with. You can learn from these situations and grow as a person. Afterwards, you can look back with pride and say: “I managed to solve that nicely”. But sometimes you struggle to deal with the tension, there are too many problems to solve, and you feel overwhelmed.

    At that moment the stress builds up and if that takes a long time you become overloaded. When there is prolonged stress, the body produces stress hormones (such as cortisol and adrenaline). These provide energy, but they are meant to give you a boost for a short period of time. For example, they cause an accelerated heart rate, higher blood pressure and tense muscles. If they are continuously present, it will cause problems for your health.

    Frequently heard physical complaints due to stress are:

    • Headache
    • Sleep problems
    • Painful joints
    • Digestive complaints
    • High blood pressure
    • Fatigue

    Those who suffer from stress will also experience mental complaints. You are not comfortable in your own skin, and you cannot find peace. These are the most common complaints:

    • Irritability
    • Gloom
    • Worry
    • Fear
    • Uncertainty
    • Feeling tense

    Stress creates a vicious circle of complaints. Stress makes you feel tense and tired, but when you go to sleep, you often lie awake because of your worry. Because you don't sleep well, you feel even more tired the next day, you are even less able to deal with stress, and you worry even more. Stress therefore perpetuates itself and you quickly become exhausted. So it's high time to do something about this. Fortunately, there is CBD, a natural remedy that can help to relax better despite stress.

    The effect of CBD

    Do you have sleeping problems, headaches or worry all day long? CBD is a natural remedy that could help. It is a cannabinoid, a substance extracted from the hemp plant. Our own body also produces cannabinoids. These are the messengers of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which has a regulatory function in our body. Numerous processes take place in your body, and it is very important that these continue to run smoothly. If there is something that disturbs the balance, it is the job of the ECS to restore it. It does that with the help of the cannabinoids.

    In this way, the ECS can influence the functioning of, for example, the immune system, blood pressure, digestion, emotions, the sleep-wake rhythm and memory. Although the body produces cannabinoids itself, it recognizes CBD as natural. This cannabinoid can thus help to restore the balance.

    How CBD can help with anxiety and stress: research

    CBD has various properties, making it an excellent choice for stress-related complaints.

    Sleep better

    One of the most important factors in recovering from stress is sleep. CBD, according to research, can help you sleep both longer and deeper. Higher doses have been shown to be soothing and may improve sleep in case of anxiety. Sleeping well at night can help you withstand stress during the day.

    Reduce feelings of depression

    From research shows that CBD can be beneficial, help with depressive symptoms. This cannabinoid can stimulate the production of hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. These two hormones have a positive impact on your mood: they are therefore also called the happy hormones. They contribute to a feeling of contentment and happiness. CBD is compared in effect with regular antidepressants, but the advantage is that CBD has hardly any side effects.

    Less suffer from anxiety and worry

    No matter what happens in your life, what matters most is how you deal with your thoughts. Many people worry and cannot let go of their problems. This costs a lot of energy and makes you feel anxious all the time. CBD has calming properties that can help stop worrying. Research shows that CBD can reduce anxiety. It brings more peace on both a physical and mental level.

    More and more people are experiencing the negative effects of stress, but choose to tackle these complaints with a natural remedy. CBD has now become widely known: it has a positive impact on many of the facets of stress, such as sleeping problems, worrying and depressed mood. If you also want to get rid of your stress complaints, it can be a good idea to CBD Oil, CBD capsules or CBD Paste to try.

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