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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 27 December 2023

    Can you sleep better with CBD oil?

    Many people suffer from sleeping problems, can CBD oil help them sleep better? At night your body is busy recovering, resting and processing your experiences. If you don't sleep well, you will certainly notice this the next day. Long-term sleep problems can undermine your health. In this blog, you can read everything about CBD oil for sleep.


    Poor sleep and its influence on your health

    A bad night's sleep is usually not a problem. You naturally feel a bit lethargic and may notice, for example, that you are less able to concentrate. But if you sleep well again the next night, you will usually feel okay again. Chronic sleep problems, however, are something else.


    Some people have trouble falling asleep and are still awake for hours after getting into bed. Others wake up often during the night and can't go back to sleep. Or you wake up way too early. Whatever problem you suffer from, you are not sleeping deep enough and not sleeping enough hours. Such sleep disorders can cause you to suffer physical and mental consequences.


    Someone with sleep deprivation may be more irritable and may feel gloomy and anxious. It also has an impact on your mental functioning. Concentrating is more difficult, but logical thinking and problem solving usually do not go well. Sleep problems have a major impact on your ability to learn something new.


    And of course, a lack of sleep also affects your body. You feel tired and exhausted and have far too little energy for the things you normally do without any problems. The longer sleep problems last, the more serious these complaints become. Chronic fatigue can undermine your health. Ultimately it can even be severe illness, such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

    CBD oil to sleep better

    Maybe you have already tried everything to improve your night's sleep, such as sleeping pills. But these have a number of side effects and are certainly not suitable for long-term use. CBD oil is a natural remedy that can help if you want to sleep better. An important property here is the relaxing effect of CBD.


    CBD (or cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant. This substance can act on the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is this system that aims to adjust all kinds of processes, including the sleep-wake rhythm. CBD can therefore influence your sleeping pattern via the ECS. This allows you to relax better, calm your thoughts and fall asleep more easily.


    CBD for anxiety and stress

    A frequently problem is that people lie awake because they suffer from anxiety or stress. Stress causes physical and mental unrest. Off research shows that CBD can have a positive effect on this. If you take CBD oil before sleeping, it will help you calm down, reduce worrying thoughts and help you sleep better and deeper.


    The influence of GABA receptors

    The GABA receptors also play a role in good sleep. CBD ensures that the activity of these receptors increases. Our brains have a certain sensitivity to external triggers. The GABA receptors can ensure that they are less sensitive to external stimuli, allowing you to relax better and enjoy an undisturbed night's sleep.


    Balancing the sleep pattern

    The task of the ECS is to maintain the natural balance of the body. Sometimes this balance is disturbed, such as with an illness. Parkinson's disease often causes sleep disorders. From a research on patients with this disease, showed that CBD could reduce sleep disorders (in this case sleepwalking).


    CBD oil can also help you sleep better with other sleep problems. Think of restless legs, poor sleep due to PTSD, nightmares and insomnia. Not enough research has yet been done to claim that CBD oil can reduce complaints in all cases. But the results from studies are certainly promising.


    CBD and melatonin to get better sleep

    Another substance that is important for good sleep is melatonin. Your body produces melatonin under the influence of daylight, and it helps you feel tired and sleepy in the evening. CBD can promote the production of melatonin, which makes you feel more tired and help you fall asleep on time.

    Why CBD for sleep?

    Of course you may wonder why you would use CBD to tackle sleep problems. Sleeping aids are also effective. But the disadvantage of such drugs is that they are addictive. In addition, they cause a tired and drowsy feeling during the day.


    CBD has the advantage that it is safe, even with long-term use. And it doesn't cause you to feel sleepy, but rather helps you feel awake and alert. Many people prefer natural remedies to support their health. That's why it's definitely a good idea to try CBD if you suffer from sleep problems.


    If you think CBD oil is also something for you, you can find various products in our webshop. It is available in different strengths (percentage of CBD). Start with a low percentage of 5% or 10% to get your body used to CBD. Take your dose before going to sleep so that you can take full advantage of the relaxing effect.


    If the taste of CBD oil bothers you, there are also alternatives, such as the delicious CBD edibles, or go for CBD crystals, which have no taste at all. Address your sleep problems today and purchase one of our CBD products.

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