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    Dr.Paddo - Wednesday 27 January 2022

    A bad trip: What is it and how can you prevent it?

    Anyone who is curious about tripping has probably heard of special and enjoyable experiences from others. But maybe someone has also told you about a bad trip, where you have a negative experience and you can have terrifying hallucinations and panic. Of course, that's not something to look forward to. But while a bad trip is a possibility, there's a lot you can do to prevent it. We explain everything about the bad trip in this blog.


    What is a bad trip?

    When using mind-altering drugs  you're going to trip, which means you can hallucinate and experience things that others don't can perceive. You can feel that you are in contact with other beings, have deep thoughts and gain more insight into yourself and the world. In general, tripping gives a positive experience, one that enriches your life.


    But unfortunately bad trips also happen. You may experience emotions that are unpleasant, such as panic, paranoia, depression, and depersonalization. Instead of beautiful visions, you can get creepy hallucinations. Sometimes people experience that the trip lasts forever and that time stands still. This too can feel threatening. It is true that as a novice psychonaut you are more likely to have a bad trip than an experienced user. But in principle any user can have to deal with this.

    The possible causes of a bad trip

    Usually there is a specific cause for a bad trip. These are the possible reasons that this is bothering you:


    Mood for the trip

    To enjoy a nice trip, your mood (mindset) is very important. If you are in a negative emotion, such as sadness, sadness or anger before you trip, there is a chance that the mind-altering substance that you are going to use will strengthen this emotion. That is why it is wise to look at your emotions before tripping and assess whether tripping is a good idea. Also keep in mind that you are also more likely to have a bad trip if you suffer from psychological complaints.


    Influence of the environment

    The environment also has a lot of influence on the course of the trip. A busy environment with a lot of stimuli (such as light and sound) can cause a bad trip. The people around you also matter. If you want to trip, make sure you are in an environment where you feel safe. If this is not the case, you are more likely to experience negative emotions during your trip.



    The dose you take is of course also an important factor. If you take too high a dose, this can lead to a bad trip. So always be aware of what and how much you take.


    Trip only

    It's wise to trip with someone you trust, while your buddy isn't using drugs at the time. This trip sitter can keep an eye on you and help put your mind at ease during a bad trip. Even if you have a lot of experience with mind-altering drugs, a tripsitter is a good idea.


    Combining drugs

    It is recommended not to combine different types of drugs. This can lead to unexpected, but certainly also unwanted effects.

    What to do if you have a bad trip?

    Suppose you've taken a mind-altering psychedelics or drugs and you notice that things aren't going well. Your thoughts are going in all directions, your heart is racing and you don't feel well. A bad trip is looming. What can you do then?


    First of all, it is important to try to relax. Focus on your breath and try to calm it. Inhale and exhale a little more deeply, making your exhale longer than the inhale. You can also count here, so that your brain has something to do. You will notice that your heart rate will calm down within a short time as a result of this simple activity.


    It's also a good idea to find some distraction. If you stay where you are, your mind will take you to places you don't want to be. See if there's anything you can do, something creative, like writing or drawing. If there is someone with you, then that is absolutely beautiful. Then you start a conversation and maybe you can turn your negative mood into a positive one.


    If you can't get out of your bad trip, it can help to just accept the situation. Let it come over you and see if you manage to bring the dark sides of yourself into the light. This also belongs to j you, it might even have something to tell you. This way you can still give a bad trip a valuable outcome.

    Adjust your environment

    If your bad trip stems from the environment you are in, it can also help to make changes. If others have put on disturbing music, ask if it can be turned off or if something else can be put on. Change the setting, turn off the lights or retreat to another room (maybe someone you trust can come with you). It can also help to get outside. Being in a green environment, in particular, can bring more relaxation and tranquility.


    Whether alone or with others, ask for help during a bad trip. If necessary, call a good friend. But tell someone else what you're going through. This can help reduce anxiety, paranoia or other negative feelings and get through the bad trip.


    Avoid a bad trip

    A bad trip isn't fun or easy, but if you're in it, you can really get through it. Good preparation can prevent a lot of misery. So before you start tripping, try to create a pleasant and safe environment and keep an eye on your own mood. Be sure to include a tripstopper  ready, this one can help with a bad trip: this can help the trip a bit shorten and reduce the worst effects.

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