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    Saturday 27 October 2021

    Set and setting: what you need to know when you are going to trip

    The set and setting are two things that are very important when you are going to trip. Maybe you think that's not right! Isn't the psychedelic much more important? Of course, the means determines what you will experience, but the set and the setting can make or break a trip. That is why it is always wise to pay attention to the set and the setting before you trip. We will explain in this blog the difference between the two, what role they play in tripping and how to make sure you and your environment are ready for a great psychonautical trip.

    The influence of set and setting

    Whatever drug you want to take, cannabis, mushrooms, kratom, it doesn't matter, the set and setting have a major influence on your trip. They can make the difference between a nice or a bad trip. What exactly do they mean?


    Set is actually your mindset: how you put yourself into your own skin when you want to use a substance. Are you cheerful and relaxed or are you feeling worried, rushed or have you been under a lot of stress? The set is therefore all your feelings, thoughts and even your physical condition together.


    The setting represents the place where you want to use the drug. It is not only about the location (at your home, with friends or in the forest), but also about the people who will be there. You look at setting how you feel there, whether you are at ease and whether you feel safe with the other people present. You can also pay attention to how comfortable it is and whether it is cold or warm.

    It's not hard to imagine that set and setting can have a major impact on your psychedelic trip. If you are in a gloomy mood, you feel unsafe or you are cold, then that is not a good starting point for a trip. Psychedelics enhance the feelings you have, so if you are not feeling well, chances are that this will be magnified. This means you run the risk of having a bad trip.

    This is how you arrange an optimal set and setting

    Before you start taking psychedelics, it's a good idea to prepare the best set and setting. Below you will find tips on how to best organize this.

    Tips for a positive set

    First, there is the psychedelic. When you know it, you know what to expect. But if you are not yet familiar with mushrooms, herbs and seeds or whatever you want to take, first find out what the effects could be. Each means has a different effect. Ask your friends about their experiences. This can take away fear and anxiety from you.

    If you are going to use with friends, make sure they are people you feel comfortable with and can trust. Don't be persuaded to do something you don't actually want to do. Watch your emotions. Don't trip if you have nerves or if you feel sad, depressed, or anxious. Also be careful if you have a mental illness. It is not wise to trip in that case. Are you ill? Then skip the party, as pain, fatigue, or fever will likely negatively affect your trip.

    Be careful with the dosage. Don't let yourself be persuaded to take more than you want here either. Start with a low dose and if you start tripping again, you can take more. Finally, be aware that the use of psychedelics is not entirely predictable. Try to relax and accept that your mind cannot always understand what you are experiencing. Go with the flow and enjoy it.

    Tips for a good setting

    First, there is the location to choose. Make sure it is pleasant and comfortable. The better you know the place, the more likely you are to feel safe. If you have little experience, your own home is the best place. Once you've chosen the spot, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the trip: make sure the lighting is atmospheric, put on some soothing music (psychedelics also affect how you hear sounds). Create a playlist that lasts a few hours so you don't have to worry about it. Light some more incense, put down some blankets and pillows and you're ready for your trip!

    If you are going to trip with others, please do this with people you trust. Doing this with strangers is not a good idea, or with people you don't like. This can cause feelings of panic or paranoia. A good idea is to arrange a tripsitter. That person does not use drugs or alcohol, so can help if things don't quite go according to plan. The tripsitter can reassure you and possibly give you a trip stopper.

    Make sure you have enough time beforeis made so that you are not disturbed. It is not a good idea to use a mind-altering drug on the day of an important appointment or when family is coming over. Turn off your phone and schedule the whole day off. A trip often takes a few hours, so make sure you plan that space as well. As a final tip, something that actually speaks for itself: don't use psychedelics in dangerous places. These substances disrupt your cognitive skills, your senses and your motor skills. So don't drive a car while tripping.

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