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    Dr.Paddo - Wednesday 30 November 2021

    5 unexpected benefits of magic mushrooms and truffles

    A lot of people only think of hallucinations when they think of tripping, but did you know that magic mushrooms and truffles can have all kinds of benefits that you don't expect? Of course, there are plenty of people who enjoy the special, mind-altering effects of magic mushrooms, the lighting effects and the beautiful images you see. But the effects of psilocybin go further and can have a positive impact on your life in unexpected ways.

    5 unique and unexpected benefits of magic mushrooms and truffles

    Magic mushrooms and truffles contain psilocybin, a substance that influences the functioning of our brains. The best-known effect of psilocybin is that it makes you hallucinate. Colors become brighter, patterns on the wall start to move, you hear and see everything that isn't really there. It also changes your thinking process and affects your mood. That's what most people know about tripping. But magic mushrooms and truffles can have a particularly powerful impact on you due to their effects, which can positively change your life. That is why you will find below the 5 unexpected benefits of magic mushrooms and truffles.

    1. Magic mushrooms can help get rid of bad habits

    A trip with mushrooms or truffles can be very intense. It is no exaggeration to say that it can change your outlook on life. Some people gain new insights or feel a deeper contact with the higher. Anyway, this kind of special trip experiences can be a reason to take a good look at your own life and your habits. For example, you may have a candy, gambling or gaming addiction. Maybe you never exercised or always eat ready meals. Magic mushrooms can help you feel inspired to get rid of these bad habits. To take a new path, where you take better care of yourself. Not only that, it may even be easier to break addictions.

    2. Positive effect on the brain

    When you're tripping, one of the effects of psilocybin is to create connections between areas in the brain that aren't normally there. So one of the unexpected benefits of magic mushrooms is that these areas can suddenly communicate with each other. There are (temporary) changes taking place. From examinations with fMRI (an MRI that is done while performing assignments) shows that the brain areas under influence of psilocybin to work synchronously with each other. In fact, your brain is working better and at a higher level than normal. After tripping, most effects disappear over time, but sometimes certain effects remain.

    3. Influence on personality

    The substance psilocybin in magic mushrooms and truffles influences several areas in the brain, including thinking, the senses and how you feel. It is therefore common for people who have tripped to say that the experience had a lot of impact and that this has actually changed their personality. Some feel more open to others, they are less bothered by depressive feelings, fears and they are more relaxed in life.

    Magic mushrooms have been used for centuries for a reason. They can really "open people's eyes" to what is normally hard to see: your own dark side, rigid ways of thinking or negative thoughts about yourself. After a trip, you may be able to let go of these limiting mindsets and repressed ideas or see them clearly for what they are. Who knows, you might emerge as a different person, as someone who is now open-minded, spiritually interested, or concerned with the world around him.

    4. Benefits of magic mushrooms and truffles: a better mood

    The use of magic mushrooms can have benefits for your mood. It is not that it is a panacea and that from now on you will go through life with a big smile. The influence of psilocybin on mood is not the same for everyone. If you struggle with mental complaints, it is not certain whether you will benefit from tripping. But experiences of psychonauts show that it is possible that you notice a positive effect on your mood. After a trip they feel better about themselves, are more cheerful and also see their daily problems in a different light. Tripping can therefore help with a gloomy mood. If you want to take advantage of the effects of psilocybin without the mind-altering effects, you could also use microdosing can try to feel better about yourself.

    5. Magic mushrooms and truffles for more creativity

    Are you looking for more creativity? If you are "stuck", you have run out of fresh ideas and in the evening flop listlessly on the couch, you could use some creativity. Many musicians and artists indicate that they use magic mushrooms to stimulate their creativity. As you could read earlier, psilocybin provides more connections between different parts of the brain, so that tripping with magic mushrooms can give you the most inventive ideas. You better think out of the box, have the energy to be productive and think outside the box. Also, microdosing with magic mushrooms or truffles is a great way to display your stimulate creativity.

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