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    XP Microdosing Psilocybine Truffles

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    Do you want to get more in touch with yourself and nature, make more conscious healthier choices, sleep better, more brain activity, achieve goals and increase your creative capacity?... Show more
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    Product description

    Then this product is perfect for you! These truffles are packed and divided into six doses of one gram each. The XP Microdosing truffles from Fresh Mushrooms are naturally cultivated, processed and packaged in their own nurseries with machines equipped with the latest techniques. Quality is guaranteed by having all processes in-house. XP Microdosing contains six super fresh and perfectly balanced psilocybin truffle dosages, with no less than +/- 1mg psilocybin per dose!

    Fresh Mushrooms Truffles are made by experts with many decades of experience. The quality of the Fresh Mushrooms products can be called phenomenal. The XP Microdosing truffles are 100% naturally organic and free from pesticides and chemicals.

    Why micro-dosing with XP Microdosing?

    Truffles contain the magical substance psilocybin. Psilocybin is converted in the body into psilocin and this substance is responsible for the positive effects that promote mental health and well-being, provided it is taken in small doses. Several studies and tests have shown that periodic small doses of (micro) truffles have the following positive effects.

    • promoting rest and relaxation
    • better sleeping habits
    • enhancing creativity
    • reduce stress symptoms
    • promotes positive mood
    • rediscover appreciation in life
    • increase productivity
    • reduce fears
    • innovative solutions
    • concentration, focus
    • socially easy to adapt
    • increase in problem-solving thinking
    • promotes mental balance
    • improves energy
    • works for depression

    Microdosing ensures that more brain activity takes place with these amazing effects as a result. Are you looking for more creativity? Or do you get stuck with persevering in achieving your goals in life? Are you looking for more structure or balance? This is the solution. Also in the medical field there are numerous reports that psilocybin has the potential to treat even very severe depression that can lead to permanent improvement.

    Use XP Microdosing Truffle?

    Microdosing is about periodically ingesting small amounts of the substance psilcybin. Because the doses of truffles are small, no effects will be felt or observed. On the dose days, take your dose with breakfast.

    • Day 1: 1 dose of 1 gr.
    • Day 2: 1 dose of 1gr.
    • Day 3: No dose, rest
    • Day 4: No dose, rest
    • Day 5: 1 dose of 1 gr.
    • Day 6: 1 dose of 1 gr.
    • Day 7: No dose, rest
    • Day 8: No dose, rest
    • Day 9: 1 dose of 1 gr.
    • Day 10: 1 dose of 1 gr.

    You take the XP microdosing truffles for 1 to 2 months. After this, you take a break of 2 to 4 weeks. You won't trip or hallucinate from a microdosing. One can observe subtle effects.

    Do not microdose daily

    We recommend that you do not microdosing every day because you do not want to build up a tolerance against psilocybin. By implementing rest days and sticking to the schedule, no habituation will take place, so that time and time again room is created for stimulating spiritual developments.

    What are psilocybin truffles?

    Magic truffles are formed by fungi that live underground. It is a widespread network of hyphae (mycelium) that produces fruiting bodies in the form of mushrooms above the ground. For times when the climate conditions are unfavorable for the mycelium to make mushrooms emerge, the fungi create a kind of nutrient storage in the form of a truffle to support the mushroom during emergence. The truffle therefore contains the same essential substances as those of the magic mushroom. The truffle is, as it were, the magic mushroom underground.

    Contents XP Microdosing Truffles

    6 x 1 gram of psilocybin XP Microdosing


    Do not use XP Microdosing truffles:

    • In combination with alcohol or other drugs.
    • During pregnancy or if you are breastfeeding
    • In combination with lithium carbonate
    • In case of a mental or physical disorder and / or illness
    • For color blindness



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    XP Microdosing Psilocybine Truffles
    € 6,95
    XP Microdosing Psilocybine Truffles
    In stock
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