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    San Pedro Cutting Pachanoi 35-45 CM

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    The San Pedro (Huachuma) is a cactus of the trichocereus family and contains high concentrations of the powerful mind-altering substance Mescaline.... Show more
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    Product description

    Mescaline is a natural psychoactive substance that is able to induce very strong visions and hallucinations. The San Pedro (Huachuma) is a cactus of the trichocereus family and contains high concentrations of the powerful mind-altering substance Mescaline. The use of the magical San Pedro cactus goes back 6,000 years in time. The Mescaline is one of the first used psychedelics in the world, of course this cannot be said with 100% certainty as entheogenic agents have probably been used before, but this cannot be traced back to archaeological evidence (relics or murals). The San Pedro cactus species originates from Ecuador and Peru where it grows on high plains of no less than 2000-3000 meters. San Pedro Mescaline was and is often used for fighting ailments, spiritual development and to get in touch with the divine. During the Spanish invasion, the Spanish discovered Huachuma and noted that this cactus was so important and powerful that they decided to change its name to San Pedro. The name San Pedro means Saint Peter who in biblical terms received the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven from Jesus in other words. was seen by Jesus as the most faithful follower.

    The Effects of San Pedro

    San Pedro is not a cactus you take for recreation. This psilocybe cactus could totally upset the perception of your contemporary life. The powerful effect of the mescaline in the San Pedro cactus is able to make permanent changes in the mind. Naturally, such upheavals are accompanied by the changes in consciousness that occur with the use of Mescaline San Pedro cactus.

    The following effects will manifest themselves while using San Pedro:

    • changes in perception,
    • increase in problem solving skills,
    • concept of time and space is dropped (spaces can seem bigger than they are and one minute can feel like ten minutes),
    • changing of votes,
    • sensitive to external stimuli,
    • increase of senses triples (music is felt and seen instead of heard, enhancement of smell and hearing),
    • colorful and intensive lifelike visions,
    • objects distort and the light will manifest in every thing or person.

    Deep-rooted underlying problems can manifest themselves with the use of San Pedro Mescaline and be tackled by insights obtained during the trip. San Pedro will enrich your mental and spiritual thinking with wisdom.

    Mescaline San Pedro is not recreational drugs

    The magical cacti of the San Pedro variety are known for being very strong. This mind-altering cactus is able to induce very violent hallucinations. San Pedro is by no means a mellow, middle-effect cactus! Super powerful, super strong and super potent that is the San Pedro. Never take the San Pedro cactus alone, it would be best to accompany a western shaman, if this is not possible, as not everyone has a shaman in their whats app contacts, a trusted friend who functions as a trip-sitter is also a solution. The use of San Pedro dates back thousands of years and has been honored to this day for its powerful magical and spiritual effects.

    What Makes the San Pedro Psychedelic?

    Mescaline is a psychedelic alkaloid found in nature. The Mescaline alkaloid is very similar to the body's neurotransmitter epinephrine (adrenaline). Because of this resemblance, the psychedelic chemical compound of Mescaline can bind to serotonin and dopamine receptors in the brain. This binding process causes the psychedelic and hallucinogenic effects. In addition to Mescaline, there are many other substances in the San Pedro cactus that play a somewhat smaller but also an active role after ingestion of the San Pedro cactus.

    How do you prepare the Mescaline San Pedro cactus for consumption?

    Before you can consume the San Pedro you will first have to process the Mescaline cactus. Below you can see a step-by-step plan how you can best prepare your cacti:

    1. Work hygienically and put on gloves
    2. Remove the thorns
    3. Make a full length cut from top to bottom between the ribs
    4. Peel off the transparent skin from top to bottom from the green tissue and if necessary grate the pulled green from the peeled off skin.
    5. Now the San Pedro Cactus is bare and ready to cut into slices about 1 cm thick
    6. Put the 1 cm thick San Pedro pieces in an oven at 50 ° C until the cork feels dry.and are left to dry in the sun around the San Pedro discs
    7. Grind the dried discs into a fine powder (The San pedro can now also be consumed but this way will often lead to stomach cramps)
    8. Put the San Pedro powder in one pan with water and let it boil for a few hours. The active substances are dissolved in the cooking water by boiling.
    9. Then pour the water into another larger pan (pan 2).
    10. A paste remains in pan 1. Fill pan 1 with water again.
    11. Repeat steps 8, 9, and 10, a total of 4 to 5 times
    12. Test the mash in pan 1 if it still tastes bitter, you can repeat the process from points 8 and 9 again until all bitter taste has disappeared from the Mescaline mash pan 1.
    13. Then reduce the contents of pan 2 so that about 1 liter of water remains.
    14. Strain the contents of pan 2 before drinking it.

    VERY IMPORTANT : Use a fine sieve to drain the contents of pan 2 before consuming, as you don't want to drink a stray thorn.

    Tips when using Mescaline San Pedro Cactus

    It is very complicated to indicate exactly how many milligrams of Mescaline the San Pedro cactus contains. You could say that a piece of about 8 to 14 cm is approximately equal to 1 average dose / trip.

    Mescaline dosages

    • 150 - 300 mg light to average trip
    • 300 - 400 mg strong trip, +/- 6 to 12 hours
    • 450 - 500 mg extreme trip, +/- 12 hours
    • 500 - 600 mg dissolving the ego, trip +/- 24 hours

    Buy your San Pedro Cactus online here

    These San Pedro magical cactus are now for sale online with us. Once ordered, we ensure that the San Pedro is delivered to your home super fast. All cacti we supply are fresh and are delivered discreetly packaged.


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    San Pedro Cutting Pachanoi 35-45 CM
    € 29,95
    San Pedro Cutting Pachanoi 35-45 CM
    Out of stock
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