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    Peyote Lophophora Williamsii

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    Peyote is a small round cactus that, like the San Pedro, contains the psychoactive substance Mescaline.... Show more
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    Product description

    San Pedro and Peyote are not identical to each other as they both contain Mescaline they also contain other substances with different values ​​that have such different effects. Peyote is stronger than San Pedro and was used by the Native Central American peoples such as the Mexica, Huichol and the Navajos for over 5,000 years. These indigenous peoples, mainly in western Mexico, engaged in shamanic ritual ceremonies where the sacred plant / cactus Peyote was seen as a vehicle, serving to communicate with the divine, their forefathers, for spiritual self-development and for tracing or remedy diseases and ailments. Mescaline Peyote cactus is an extremely powerful hallucinogen and absolutely not to be used without guidance or a trip-sitter. Peyote is not a recreational drug, it goes much deeper and is many times more intense than other natural psychedelics. Peyote has the power to increase awareness by breaking through fixed thinking patterns by providing insights.

    The Effects of the Peyote Cactus

    Peyote is not child's play, this cactus has been used for thousands of years for its powerful psychedelic and medical effects. Due to the presence of Mescaline and other substances, hallucinations and visions will take place after consuming the Peyote. The effects on the spiritual level are somewhat similar to those of the San Pedro, only those of the Peyote are much more intense.

    The following effects will be seen with the correct dose of Peyote:

    • Obvious changes in perception,
    • Increase in problem-solving skills,
    • Concept of time and space is completely gone,
    • Changing moods, laughing, crying, sad, happy
    • High self-reflection of character,
    • Hallucinations
    • Increase senses triples
    • Clear and intense colorful and lifelike visions,
    • Objects deform and the light will manifest in every thing or person.

    Mescaline Peyote is not recreational drugs

    The magical Peyote is known for being very strong. This mind-blowing cactus is capable of inducing very violent hallucinations. Peyote is by no means a gentle, light-effect cactus! The Mescaline Peyote is Super-strong, Super-powerful and Super-potent! Never take the Peyote cactus alone, it would be best to have a shaman to guide you, if this is not possible, as not everyone knows a shaman, a trusted friend acting as a trip-sitter is also a solution. A trip sitter is a good friend or family who supports you soberly and helps you during the trip.

    How does the Mescaline work in the brain?

    Mescaline is a psychedelic alkaloid found in nature. The mescaline alkaloid is very similar to the body's neurotransmitter epinephrine (adrenaline). Because of this resemblance, the psychedelic chemical compound of Mescaline can bind to serotonin and dopamine receptors in the brain. This binding process causes the psychedelic and hallucinatory effects. Besides Mescaline, there are many other substances in the Peyote cactus that play a somewhat smaller but an active role after ingestion of the Peyote cactus.

    Preparing for use Mescaline Peyote cactus

    The preparation of Peyote is easier than that of the San Pedro. Cut the Peyote into smaller pieces and let it dry well. Grind these pieces into a fine powder. The Peyote powder is now ready for consumption. The powder can be chewed and swallowed, but you can also choose to encapsulate it yourself.

    Tips for Using Mescaline Peyote Cactus

    It is very complicated to indicate exactly how many milligrams of Mescaline the Peyote cactus contains. Pure mescaline should be taken in two half doses approximately 30 minutes apart. For a 1-person trip you need 27 grams of dried Peyote which contains about 300 mg of mescaline.

    Dried Peyote Dosage

    • 14 - 27 grams average dose
    • 27 - 36 grams strong trip, 6 to 12 hours
    • 40 - 45 grams extreme trip, +/- 12 hours
    • 45 - 55 grams dry dissolution of the ego, +/- 24 hours

    Buy your Peyote Cactus online here

    These magical Peyote cactus are ideal for those who want to experience a spiritual awakening. Have you also become so curious what this wonderful Mescaline cactus can bring you? Or, which negative fixed thinking patterns can be broken? Then order now, this beautiful Mescaline Peyote cactus from us.


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    Peyote Lophophora Williamsii
    € 19,95
    € 17,95
    Peyote Lophophora Williamsii
    Peyote Size 3-4 CM
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