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    Peyote L Williamsii Seeds - 10 Pcs

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    These beautiful viable cactus seeds make it possible to grow Mescaline cacti yourself.... Show more
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    Product description

    These beautiful viable cactus seeds make it possible to grow Mescaline cacti yourself. It is important to purchase a special grow box for this. The San Pedro seeds grow very slowly. It takes several years before they can be harvested for a trip.

    Mescaline Peyote Cactus

    Peyote is a small round cactus that, like the San Pedro, contains the psychoactive substance Mescaline. They are not identical to each other as they both also contain other substances with different values ​​that have such different effects. Peyote is stronger than San Pedro and was used by the Native Central American peoples such as the Mexica, Huichol and the Navajos for over 5,000 years. These indigenous peoples, mainly in western Mexico, engaged in shamanic rituals & ceremonies where the sacred plant / cactus Peyote was seen as a vehicle, serving to communicate with the divine, their forefathers, for spiritual self-development and for tracking - or remedy diseases and ailments. Mescaline Peyote cactus is an extremely powerful hallucinogen and absolutely not to be used without guidance or a trip-sitter. Peyote is not a recreational drug, it goes much deeper and is many times more intense than other natural psychedelics. Peyote has the power to increase awareness by breaking through fixed thinking patterns by providing insights.

    The Effects of the Mescaline Peyote Cactus

    Peyote is not child's play, this cactus has been used for thousands of years for its powerful psychedelic effects and medical effects. Due to the presence of Mescaline and other substances, hallucinations and visions will take place after consuming the Peyote. The effects on the spiritual level are somewhat similar to those of the San Pedro, only those of the Peyote are much more intense.

    The following effects will be seen with the correct dose of Peyote:

    • Obvious changes in perception,
    • Increase in problem-solving skills,
    • Concept of time and space is completely gone,
    • Changing moods, laughing, crying, sad, happy
    • High self-reflection of character,
    • Hallucinations
    • Increase senses triples
    • Clear and intense colorful and lifelike visions,
    • Objects deform and the light will manifest in every thing or person.

    Instructions San Pedro Lophophora Williamsii seeds

    Use a grow box for the Mescaline San Pedro Lophophora Williamsii seeds. Fill plastic containers (5 cm) with sterilized soil, place the seeds on top of the soil and press gently. Place the trays in a layer of boiled water and wait until the soil on the surface becomes moist. Take out the jars and cover them with plastic wrap. Optimal temperature at this stage is between 18 ° C and 23 ° C. After a few days to weeks, green baby cacti will develop. After about 4 weeks you can start hardening. Prick 2 holes in the foil and then every other day. You can remove the plastic if there is an atmosphere under the foil as outside it. Water with boiled water or rainwater. Do not let it dry out, but also do not water too much. After a year you can possibly repot them, be very careful with the pen root. If the cacti turn yellow, they need more light, if the cacti turn red they need less water. Keep out of the reach of children!


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    Peyote L Williamsii Seeds - 10 Pcs
    € 8,95
    Peyote L Williamsii Seeds - 10 Pcs
    In stock
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