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    Mondo Liquid Culture Vial

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    The liquid culture vial is used to cultivate substrate. Every bottle contains millions of spores that can cultivate substrate.... Show more
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    Product description

    The liquid helps to cultivate magic mushrooms as the liquid helps decrease the concentration of spores. This means that you can cultivate more efficient. Shake this product well before use.

    Supplies Mondo Liquid Culture Vial

    • Gas flame (“storm” lighter works best)
    • SporeMate Spore Suspension Vial or Spore Syringe, Mycomate Liquid Culture Vial (containing mycelium), Mycomate Cloning Kit, or other suitable growing medium
    • Mycomate Edible Mushroom or Sclerotia Kit, or other medium / substrate suitable for the growing process (when mushrooms are desired as the end result)
    • Clean hands and a clean place to work

    How I prepare my Mondo Liquid Culture Vial in 11 steps

    1. If the Liquid Culture Vial has been kept refrigerated, remove it from the refrigerator 24 hours before use.
    2. Wash your hands thoroughly (antibacterial soap is an option) and dry your hands with kitchen paper.
    3. Remove the Liquid Culture Vial from the bag and place it on a clean, draft-free table.
    4. Clean the injection site of the Liquid Culture V ial and any other required injection site (Spore Suspension Vial or Colonized Liquid Culture Vial) with an alcohol swab. Take a new alcohol swab for each injection site that is used. This is necessary to prevent bacteria from forming.
    5. Remove the syringe / needle from the bag. Remove the plastic covering the needle (turn clockwise and pull off). Do not touch the tip of the needle, or it will have to be re-sterilized *. (see photo A) * Needles can be sterilized in a flame. Keep the needle in the fire until it turns red. Be careful not to get too hot and melt the plastic that the needle is attached to. Always allow the needle to cool before injecting!
    6. When using the Spore Suspension or colonized Liquid Culture Vial, shake the vial first to distribute the suspension well. Tilt the vial and insert the needle into the center of the injection site. Withdraw the required portion of the suspension and remove the needle. Be careful not to get air into the needle. (see photo B)
    7. Inject a few drops to 1ml of the Spore Suspension or a few drops of the colonized Liquid Culture suspension (if using multiple Liquid Culture Vials) into the Liquid Culture Vial. Gently let the needle out of the vial, as overpressure may cause some suspension to squirt out of the vial (this is okay). (see photo C)
    8. Clean the injection site of the Liquid Culture Vial again with an alcohol swab, let it dry for a while and store it in a bag (ziplock) without air and in an upright position.
    9. Shake the bottle (10 seconds) once a day and do not expose the bottle to sunlight. Incubate the spores into mycelium at a proper temperature (typically 23-27ºC). A lower temperature slows down the growth process, but a higher temperature increases the risk of contamination. (see photo D) Note: Temperatures differ per mushroom strain.
    10. The growth is the same for both spores and Liquid Culture. The growth from spores takes longer than that from Liquid Culture. Spore Suspension: Spores normally germinate within 24 to 72 hours. Within 3 to 7 days you should be able to observe colonization (growing together) of mycelium in the bottom part of the vial. Note: MycoMate Liquid Culture Vial only needs a few spores for the growth of mycelium. Liquid Culture: Growth is visible within 24 hours after transfer of Liquid Culture suspension into the new Liquid Culture Vials. The new bottles are usually ready to use in a few days (depending on variety, species and temperature). The best way to determine whether the growth process is going well is to hold the bottle up to the light without shaking. If you have shaken anyway, sediment from the growing medium will float upwards, making it more difficult to see the growth (this is okay, it will subside by itself). White clouds of mycelium will float up when you have picked up the vial properly (see photo D). Although the mycelium may look like clouds, the entire vial should not be cloudy / cloudy. Healthy mycelium must be able to see through the clouds. If not, the bottle is probably contaminated. Leave the bottle
    11. first rest for a few hours and check that it was not the sediment of the growing medium, which was causing the cloudiness. The vial can be used as soon as there is visible healthy growth of mycelium or after 1 to 2 weeks when more healthy mycelium is visible. Note: When one to two thirds of the vial has been colonized, it should be used or stored under refrigerated conditions for later use (see below).
    12. When colonization is complete, the vial can be used to inoculate other MycoMate Liquid Culture Vials (repeat steps 1 to 10), MycoMate Edible Mushroom or Sclerotia Kits (repeat steps 1 to 6).

    Contents of your Mondo Liquid Culture Vial

    • Mondo Liquid Culture Vial 10 and 25ml
    • Sterile alcohol wipes
    • Sterile syringe with 18 gauge needle

    Storing your Mondo Liquid Culture Vial

    Since it is a sensitive product, we recommend that you place the spore bottle in the refrigerator for 24 hours after receipt with a temperature between d e 2 and 8 degrees before using it.


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    Mondo Liquid Culture Vial
    € 9,95
    Mondo Liquid Culture Vial
    Mondo Liquid Culture Vial - 5 ML
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