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    This mushroom from Mexico is suitable for people who have already tripped a few times. You can do your own cultivation with the handy All In One Growkit Mazatapec. The effects are a bit heavier, so only take them if you have some experience.

    Mazatapec for the average psychonaut

    Have you already tripped a number of times with mild mushrooms, such as the one with Thai, Mexican or Cambodian magic mushrooms? Are you ready for a more powerful trip now? The Psilocybe Cubensis Mazatapec is the ideal choice, because in terms of intensity it is somewhere between mild mushrooms and heavier ones, such as McKennaii. Choose the Mazatapec if you want to get a little more out of your magic mushroom trip. You can go deeper with this, but there is never the risk of a bad trip with this mushroom.

    The most common effects of Mazatapec magic mushrooms

    As mentioned, you really can't get a bad trip with these mushrooms, even if you take a higher dose. That is of course reassuring. If you go on a trip with Maz, as they are also called, you can expect a beautiful visual and spiritual trip. These are the most common effects:

    • Powerful spiritual experiences
    • Visual effects
    • You experience time and space differently
    • Sharp colors, deafening sounds
    • Euphoric feelings

    During a trip, your senses are very sensitive. Your thoughts are also very different than usual. So prepare your trip well, you can read more about it further on.

    Dosage of Mazatapec magic mushrooms

    Whether you eat All In One Mazatapec mushrooms or make tea from them, the dosage is very important to have a nice trip. How much you should take depends on several things. Think about your weight and whether you have eaten beforehand, but also about your experience with mushrooms and how intense the trip should be. If you are a beginner, take a lower dose. Follow the guidelines below when you want to trip:

    • A low dose is 1 to 2 grams of dried mushrooms.
    • If you have fresh mushrooms, then it is about 12 to 24 grams of fresh mushrooms.

    Normally you can notice the effect of the magic mushrooms after half an hour to an hour. The effect lasts between 3 and 8 hours. Start with a low dose. If you don't think the effects are intense enough, you can take a little more later. It is wise to weigh your dosage with an accurate scale.

    Preparing a trip with Mazatapec mushrooms

    In order to enjoy a trip, good preparation is very important. First there is the place where you will trip. It is best if you feel safe and comfortable there. This can be at your home or at a close friend's house. Because the environment is known, it is better to surrender to the experiences of tripping. Of course you make sure that the space where you are is safe.

    Who else will be there? Hopefully you pick some good friends, people you can trust completely. This also increases the chance that you are comfortable in your own skin and that you can enjoy the trip with a safe feeling. Make sure there is someone who is the tripsitter. This person will not use drugs or alcohol so that he or she can keep an eye on things. It should be clear that a trip can sometimes be intense or even terrifying. The tripsitter can then reassure you if necessary. A trip stopper is also a good idea, this is a means that can take away the sharp edges of the trip.

    History of Mazatapec magic mushrooms

    Mazatapec mushrooms were discovered in Mexico, in a region called Mazatapec. They were already used there by the indigenous Mazatapec people. Like many other magic mushrooms, they had an important function in religious rituals. If you want to grow them at home, you can do so with the All In One Growkit Mazatapec. The mushrooms grow quickly, they become long and somewhat pale mushrooms.

    Buy all In One Growkit Mazatapec online

    Are you curious what the Mazatapec magic mushroom has to offer you? During a spiritual trip, your mind can be opened, so that you suddenly look at life differently. A trip can enrich your life that way. Order the All In One Growkit Mazatapec online now and we will send your order quickly to your home in safe and neutral packaging.

    The 9 step plan for Mazatapec Magic Mushrooms Growkit

    Download here : All In One Growkit Manual

    With the step-by-step plan below you can maximize your magic mushroom harvest. This way you have more mushrooms, and you can enjoy a trip more often or with several friends.

    1. Wash your hands thoroughly and clean the exterior of the GrowKit with a clean, wet cloth. Remove the lid, but save it for step 3.
    2. Fill the GrowKit with lukewarm water (20ºC) to the edge.
    3. Replace the lid and let the GrowKit soak for 5 to max. 50 min. Note: Never soak for more than one hour.
    4. After soaking, remove the cover of the GrowKit and gently pour away the excess water. Drain the GrowKit 5 to 10 seconds
    5. Add lukewarm water (20ºC) to the growth bag. For the 2100cc GrowKit: 1 cup (0.25 litre). For the 1200cc GrowKit: 1 cup (0.25 litre). Place the GrowKit in the growth bag. Make sure the water doesn't cross the edge of the GrowKit
    6. Close the growth bag by creating a cover on the top and securing it with two paper clips (part of the GrowKit package).
    7. Put the grow kit in a place out of direct sunlight. Do not put the GrowKit under a lamp and not on or near a heater or heat source. The ideal temperature is between 20 and 25 º C. “Leave the bag closed until the pre-pins start to form” (this may take one or two weeks) In this stage the kit doesn’t need any oxygen but high CO2 level.
    8. “After the pre-pins have been started to grow” Moisten the kit daily with a spray bottle (maximum 1-2 pumps). In this stage the mushrooms needs fresh H2 O and O2 and the CO2 need to escape. This is also important after harvesting.
    9. The first mushrooms will be visible in two weeks. Be patient, it may take a longer period of time before the first mushrooms will grow. The mushrooms should be harvested just before the skin underneath the hats starts to loosen up.

    The harvest: carefully grab the handle, turn the stem quietly left and clockwise and then pull it up quietly to pull the mushroom out as completely as possible. In this way, new mushrooms may grow again.

    Content of your Mazatapec Growkit

    When you buy your Mazatapec Growkit, you will receive it quickly at home. Then you can start growing mushrooms. You will find the following materials in your Mazatapec Growkit:

    • Psilocybe Maylescens 1200 or 2100 cc
    • Growkit
    • Growing instructions

    The harvest of growing your Mazatapec magic mushrooms

    Start now and enjoy growing your Mazatapec mushrooms professionally. The mushroom grow kit is available in 1200 cc and 2100 cc. With the 1200 cc version you grow an average harvest of 400 grams of fresh mushrooms within 3 to 5 weeks, with the 2100 cc kit 900 to 1100 grams. Multiple harvests are possible per mushroom grow kit. The Mazatapec mushrooms are easy to grow. Because the environment in which they grow is very changeable, this is a strong species. It can withstand bacteria well and will not easily become infected. This makes them easier to grow than other varieties. The Mazatapec magic mushrooms do grow a bit slower than other varieties, but are not easily infected. Unlike other mushrooms, the cap of this mushroom remains partially closed. This makes the Mazatapec mushrooms one of the easiest varieties to grow at home with an all-in-one grow kit. A large harvest of the magic mushrooms occurs regularly.


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