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    The innovative Mystic Fungi Jack Frost Liquid Culture Syringe offers both beginners and experienced growers the opportunity to grow Jack Frost mushrooms effortlessly. This advanced liquid culture accelerates mycelium growth in a sterile and nutrient-rich environment, resulting in a quick and easy harvest. Jack Frost mushrooms were created by crossing the True Albino Teacher and Albino Penis Envy strains, known for their beautiful appearance and strong effects. In short, with the Jack Frost Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringe, growing these enchanting mushrooms at home is feasible for everyone, with unparalleled ease of use and precision.

    Which substrate is suitable for growing the Jack Frost Mushroom

    To grow Jack Frost mushrooms, you can consider several substrate options, but a popular and effective choice is a mix of vermiculite and brown rice flour. This mixture provides a balanced combination of nutrients, moisture retention and lightness, which is beneficial for the development of the mushrooms. Vermiculite helps retain moisture and ensure good drainage, while brown rice flour provides a source of nutrition for the mushrooms. You can easily make the substrate mixture by mixing equal parts vermiculite and brown rice flour and then moistening until it reaches the correct moisture level. After the substrate has been prepared, you can add the mushroom spores to start growth.


    Inoculating your substrate has never been easier. With a simple injection of the Jack Frost Mushroom Liquid Culture you can watch the mycelial network multiply and transform your growing medium into a canvas for the mushrooms to flourish.

    1. Sterilization: Sterilize the substrate mixture to kill any harmful bacteria and fungi that may hinder mushroom growth. This can be done by heating the substrate mixture in an autoclave or by pasteurizing it using steam.
    2. Inoculation of the substrate: Start by preparing the substrate, such as vermiculite and brown rice flour, as described previously. Make sure the substrate is moist, but not soaked. Then take a spore supplement or a spore syringe with Jack Frost mushroom spores.
    3. Inoculation process: Shake the spore supplement or syringes containing the mushroom spores well to ensure that the spores are evenly distributed. Then use a sterile syringe to distribute the spores evenly over the substrate. This can be done by applying small amounts of the trace supplement to different places on the substrate.
    4. Incubation: After the substrate has been inoculated with the mushroom spores, it is time to incubate the substrate. Place the substrate in a dark and warm room with a constant temperature between 20-25°C. This promotes the colonization of the substrate by the mushroom spores.
    5. Growth and Harvest: After a few weeks, the mushroom spores should begin to colonize and develop into mushrooms. Continue to monitor the substrate for moisture and any signs of contamination. Once the mushrooms are fully developed, they can be harvested for consumption.

    Storage advice

    • Use the liquid culture within 2 months.
    • Store it in the refrigerator or other cool, dark location.
    • Avoid exposure to UV light.
    • Out of the reach of children.


    Jack Frost Liquid Culture Spore Syringe - 10 ml


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