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    Do you also find it annoying that you have to pay shipping costs every time you purchase magical psilocybe truffles? Then consider our Bulk Truffles. With this option, you can save significantly and have enough stock for multiple sessions. Our specially selected truffles are ideal for social gatherings with friends, ranging from mild to stronger varieties for experienced users.

    Discover Our Diverse Range of Truffles

    Tampanensis: Power Level 2.5

    The Tampanensis, also known as the "Philosopher's Stone", is known for its deep philosophical effects, ideal for beginners. This truffle stimulates creative thinking and offers surprising insights, perfect for solving everyday problems. At higher doses it can lead to intense spiritual experiences, fits of laughter and feelings of euphoria.

    Pajaritos: Power Level 3.5

    The Pajaritos Truffles, characterized by their cheerfulness, provide a constant smile and laughable moments. These truffles are ideal for use in a group of friends, stimulating philosophical conversations and pleasant communication without intense hallucinations.

    Mexican: Power Level 3.5

    Mexicana Truffles are a good choice for novice trippers who want a little more than Pajaritos. They provide mild visual effects and stimulate creativity and philosophical thoughts, especially in a group setting.

    Atlantis: Power Level 4.5

    The Atlantis Truffles are a step higher, ideal for the more experienced user. They are known for their strong visual effects and can even induce hallucinations in the right dosage. This truffle is an adventure in itself, not recommended for beginners.

    Utopia: Power Level 5

    Utopia Truffles are the strongest in our range, intended for those looking for an intense experience.

    Galindoi: Power Level 5

    The Power of Galindoi Truffles: A Journey to Deep Insights and Enlightenment In the world of psychedelics, the Galindoi truffle, often praised as one of the strongest truffle species, occupies a special place.


    Our truffles are vacuum packed per 100 grams, ideal for group sessions. You can consume them directly or make tea from them. Please note: do not use water warmer than 68 degrees to preserve the psilocybin. For optimal effects, take the truffles on an empty stomach and chew them well.

    Storage advice

    Each 100 grams of truffles contains essential nutritional values such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats and minerals. Store your Bulk Truffles in the refrigerator between 2 ºC and 4 ºC and out of the reach of children. Upon receipt, the truffles have a shelf life of at least two to three months.


    Bulk Truffles - 100 grams


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    Bulk Magic Truffels - 100 Gram
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    Bulk Magic Truffels - 100 Gram
    Mexicana 100 Gram
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