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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 26 April 2023

    Which CBD product is the best choice for you?

    CBD is becoming more and more known and more and more people are using it. But if you have studied this product, you have probably also seen that there are many ways to take it. From capsules to drops and from crystals to hashish. What are the pros and cons of all these CBD products, and what is the best choice for you? In this blog, we list everything for you, so that you know exactly which CBD product best suits your situation.

    Best choice for a CBD product

    CBD is a natural product, it is a cannabinoid (CBD stands for cannabidiol) originating from the hemp plant. This cannabinoid can be taken in different ways. How you take a drug can have a major impact on how it works. But it also determines how practical it is to take and how you experience it yourself. For example, one person easily swallows capsules, but someone else can have a lot of trouble with that. Below, you can read more about the different ways to take CBD.

    CBD Capsules

    CBD capsules have the advantage that they are easy to use. You take them quickly with some water. An additional advantage is that you do not suffer from the fairly strong taste of CBD oil. Furthermore, you always know exactly how much CBD you are taking. Capsules are therefore a convenient and quick way to get your daily dose of cannabidiol.

    It is also useful to bear in mind that it takes a little longer before you notice the effect. When you take capsules, the active substances end up in the gastrointestinal tract. It takes a little longer for CBD to enter your bloodstream.

    CBD oil

    If you are thinking about the best choice for a CBD product, you are certainly CBD oil come across. The power of CBD oil lies in the fact that the CBD is quickly absorbed into the blood, because you drip the oil under the tongue. You can notice an effect within 10 to 15 minutes. Another advantage is that you can dose very accurately (per drop) and take exactly the amount you want.

    In principle, CBD oil is also practical to use, although dripping it may be less easy than taking a capsule. In addition, the oil has a rather strong, earthy taste, which some people find unpleasant. But if that doesn't bother you, CBD oil is a good way to take your CBD.

    CBD Edibles

    A very tasty way to take your daily dose of CBD is through CBD edibles. There are many different forms, such as CBD brownies, cookies, honey, gummies, cotton candy, lollipops and chocolate. Great to enjoy and at the same time you get a small dose of CBD.

    When you use CBD edibles, it is good to realize that it takes longer for the active substances to be absorbed into the blood. This is because they have to be processed through the stomach and intestines. CBD edibles are useful for getting cannabidiol inconspicuously. In addition, they are of course just very tasty.

    CBD crystals

    Also, CBD crystals should not be missing in your search for the best choice for a CBD product. These crystals are a very pure form of cannabidiol, with a concentration of 90 to 99% pure CBD. It is a fine, white powder that you can take by placing a small amount under your tongue. It is then rapidly absorbed through the oral mucosa. You can also use the powder in food (for example, a smoothie or over a salad). It can also be vaporized in a vaporizer, but make sure that your vaporizer is suitable for vaporizing crystals.

    CBD paste

    CBD paste is less known than capsules or oil, but is also a good choice if you want to use a CBD product. The paste is prepared by extracting CBD from the hemp plant using a solvent (alcohol or CO2). It is a very concentrated form of CBD, because it is not diluted with an oil. You therefore need very little of it. You are using CBD paste by placing a small amount under your tongue, after which it is quickly absorbed.

    CBD paste seems more expensive than oil or capsules. But because the paste is highly concentrated, you need less of it and it will last longer. The pasta is therefore very specially for people who need higher doses or want to dose multiple times a day.

    CBD hash

    CBD hash is another way you can take CBD. It is a concentrate with a high CBD content of over 22%. The name hash may make you think of weed with THC, but this hash contains less than 0.2% THC. So you won't get high from it. It brings the same benefits as other CBD products. You can vape or smoke the hash in a vaporizer or bong. Check whether your device is suitable for this.


    How do you choose CBD products?

    After reading the information about the different CBD products, it will hopefully be easier to make a choice. See what is most practical for you and what suits your lifestyle. Also keep in mind that there is a difference between full spectrum CBD products and CBD isolate. Full spectrum means that in addition to CBD, there are also other cannabinoids in the product, as well as terpenes and flavonoids. These are the other active substances in the hemp plant, which can also have positive effects on your health. Most CBD oil, capsules and hash are full spectrum products.

    CBD crystals and CBD edibles are CBD isolates. These contain pure CBD and no other cannabinoids or active substances. The advantage is that you know exactly what you are ingesting, and you benefit from all the health benefits of CBD. Here too, you choose the product that suits you best.

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