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    Saturday 26 October 2021

    Where does the name Magic Mushroom come from?

    Magic Mushrooms, why are they called that?

    The name Magic Mushrooms sounds fascinating, but why are they called that? The term was coined in the 1950s when more research was first conducted into the effects of the mushrooms. They are called magic because of their effects, which can appear magical. From bright colors to spiritual experiences, you will experience the world differently during a trip on magic mushrooms. This can change your view of the world forever.

    What are Magic Mushrooms?

    Magic Mushrooms or magic shrooms are mushrooms that contain a substance that causes you to hallucinate. This is not the case with all mushrooms. These mushrooms are found all over the world, from the Mexican Psilocybe Cubensis to the Dutch Puntig Kaalkopje(Pointed Liberty Cap). The substance that provides the mind-altering effect is Psilocybin. This is broken down by the stomach and converted into Psilocyne. This in turn has an effect on the brain, on the serotonin receptors. Everyone reacts differently during a trip. So it is impossible to predict what you will experience. You may get a wonderful and positive feeling, but you can also experience a bad trip. Therefore, when taking Magic Mushrooms for the first time, it is not recommended to do it alone. Ask a good friend who is not taking Magic Mushrooms to stay with you.

    The magical effects of Magic Mushrooms

    So what happens when you take Magic Mushrooms can differ per person. In general, the following experiences occur:

    • Enhanced Sensory Perceptions
    • Happy, euphoric feeling
    • Seeing images
    • Spiritual experiences
    • Clear, special thoughts

    If you take Magic Mushrooms, you will feel the effect after a while and this effect can last 4 to 7 hours persist. Depending on how much you take, the trip will be more or less intensive. A euphoric feeling is the effect at a lower dose, no hallucinations or visions will occur. During a trip, colors are vivid, vibrant and bright. Sounds also come in more clearly, you experience them more intensely. It can also improve your taste, making food or drink even better and sometimes taste different. People describe this as sharpening all of their senses. The trip also affects your emotions.

    A nice tip will make you happier, even euphoric. Often people have to laugh at nothing, but that is a wonderful and liberating feeling. You can also start seeing images, with your eyes open or closed. It may involve complex patterns that hang in space in front of you in three dimensions. These can move and change shape. Mushroom users indicate that they often temporarily lose sense of time and space. The Magic Mushrooms will also work in your mind. You can start to feel very free, with all the filters that normally restrict your thoughts now disappearing. Thinking is much faster and smoother and thoughts cannot be stopped. The inner world is open and free and that means that your thoughts suddenly go where they never went before. There may be very realistic dreams and ideas that will surprise you.

    Effects of magic Mushrooms long known

    Depending on how you respond, your experiences may be more spiritual. Some people report having conversations with higher beings. These are religious experiences that can leave a big impression. You can come into contact with Divine beings or other dimensions and this can affect how you will experience your own life afterwards. This is one of the reasons why these Mushrooms are called Magic Mushrooms. Native peoples have known the effects of magic mushrooms for a very long time. These mushrooms were used thousands of years ago, by shamans or spiritual leaders. They could use the mind-altering effects to connect with the spiritual world. The visions told them about the past, present or future. Or they received information to cure their fellow villagers. Archaeological finds, such as rock paintings and statues, indicate that magic mushrooms played an important role at the time.

    Use of Magic Mushrooms in the West

    So magic mushrooms were part of everyday life, although often reserved for spiritual leaders. Sacred mushrooms, plants and cacti are also used in Central America (Peyote & San Pedro). When the Spanish started to conquer the American continent in the 16th century, they too got to know the Magic Mushrooms. The effects were astonishing, but in the West this was seen by the Catholic Church as heretical. Of course, it was forbidden anyway that the common people themselves would make contact with the God(s). That is why the use of magic mushrooms became forbidden. We (unfortunately) still notice the effects of this now.

    In Asia and South America the use of psychoactive plants and mushrooms is much more common. It's a shame that magic mushrooms are seen like that. During a trip you can learn more about yourself, get inspiration, improve your mood, get spiritual insights and much more. This is not at all far-fetched, as some people support the theory, that the Magic Mushrooms are at the origin of the evolution of human consciousness. It is also possible that the use of magic mushrooms has caused the creation of the major world religions. Why not? They are not called magical for nothing. Would you like to try Magic Mushrooms for yourself? Then quickly check Dr.Paddo growkits, here we offer a wide range of Magic Mushrooms Growkits. With these grow kits you can easily grow your own magic mushrooms!

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