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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 30 July 2023

    What is Yopo and what are its effects?

    Are you adventurous and are you looking for a way to dive into the unknown depths of your subconscious? You may have heard of Yopo seeds before, but if not, it's about time you got to know them. Whether you are looking for a nice trip or want to boost your spiritual development, these seeds could be the right choice for all curious cosmonauts.


    Introducing Yopo seeds

    In the wild jungle of South America, you will find the most special plants and herbs with a powerful effect. And sometimes that is also a psychoactive effect, as for example with the Yopo seeds is the case. These are nuts with a hard shell that grow on the Anadenanthera peregrina tree. The powers of Yopo have been known to the native people of these areas for centuries. They use the seeds during rituals, where the effects help them to get in touch with the Gods.


    The mind-altering properties of Yopo stem from the fact that these seeds contain many hallucinogenic compounds, including DMT and bufotenine. The effects can be quite intense, ranging from mild hallucinations to profound out-of-body experiences. Yopo has also become more and more known in the west in recent years. Many cosmonauts are open to using these seeds as an alternative to synthetic drugs, such as LSD. A warning is in order: Yopo contains powerful active substances and it is important to be careful with this psychoactive substance.


    What are the effects of a trip with Yopo?

    As with other natural mind-altering drugs, with Yopo you can never predict exactly how you will react. The effects are partly determined by the dose, your digestion, how much experience you have with the drug and even your mood. What is often mentioned in a trip with Yopo are vivid hallucinations (kaleidoscopic patterns, vivid colors and sounds).


    In addition, users indicate that they feel more empathy towards others. You can experience that your perception of time and space changes that you feel more creative and gain more insight into your own feelings and thoughts. Some people experience a spiritual awakening, meeting even higher beings who give them wisdom and inspiration.


    Yopo, however, is a substance that can also cause a violent and overwhelming trip. Sometimes experiences can be almost too much to handle. So think carefully about whether Yopo is really something for you. In principle, it is not suitable for beginners who have never used a mind-altering drug before. Make sure you use Yopo in a safe environment where you feel comfortable.


    It can also be a good idea to arrange a tripsitter: someone who does not use drugs or alcohol and who will monitor your well-being during your trip. This way you have a safety net, and you can discover your inner world in complete safety.

    What a Yopo trip can bring you

    Tripping can be done for fun, but mind-altering drugs can be much more than that. They can actually provide a stimulus that encourages you to change your life. A trip with Yopo can lead to a greater understanding of yourself. You can gain more insight into patterns in which you are stuck, and this can therefore boost your self-development. By promoting feelings of empathy, Yopo may help you open up to others and make contacts more easily. That way, you can really get something out of life from a trip with Yopo.

    The best way to use Yopo seeds

    Yopo seeds cannot be used directly. You have to grind them into a powder first. You can do this by roasting a few seeds (no more than 3) in a frying pan. The heating ensures that you can remove the shell from the nut. This splits open, after which you roast the seeds yourself for a while, until they are crispy. Then you can grind the seeds into a powder.


    Divide the powder in half. Mix one half with calcium hydroxide and the other half with baking soda. Mix this together and add a few drops of water to make a paste. Now put this paste in a pan and heat the mixture. The water will evaporate, and you will be left with a powder. Grind this one more time. The finer the powder, the easier it is t will soon be sniffed.


    To sniff up your homemade Yopo, use a Kuripe. This allows you to blow the powder directly into your nostril. Note: the effects start almost immediately, so you can quickly notice that you are going to hallucinate. That is also a reason why we do not recommend Yopo seeds to beginners. The effects last on average an hour and a half. It takes some work to prepare the seeds, but as you could read, this trip can be very rewarding.

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