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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 16 January 2024

    What is the Copelandia Cyanescens Mushroom?

    Have you ever heard of the Copelandia Cyanescens Mushroom? He is also called The Hawaiian, because he is nowadays harvested and consumed there. These mushrooms are very popular with experienced psychonauts, because they are perhaps the most powerful mushroom species on earth. Do you want to know what the effects are and how you should dose this mushroom? Then read on!

    The origin of Copelandia cyanescens

    Origin comes Copelandia cyanescens not from Hawaii, but from Asia. In 1871 the mushroom was first identified by the mycologists Berkeley and Broome. They found one of these mushrooms on Sri Lanka and baptized him agaricus cyanescens. Copelandia Cyanscens is spread around the world from Asia. He is now common in Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines, India, Bali, Hawaii and the east coast of Australia.


    The Panaeolus family to which these mushrooms belong includes a large number of different species. It is striking that they do not all produce psilocybin, but 13 species do and of course also includes Panaeolus Cyanscens, which is also called Blue Meanie. He not only gets that name because the mushroom quickly damages and shows the well -known blue color, but also because it has quite a hefty impact while tripping. Also interesting to know: the mushroom preferably grows on manure.


    The Hawaiian is a narrow, slender mushroom with a hat that is on average between 1.5 and 4 cm in diameter. The color is mainly beige to white. The percentage of psilocybin that the mushroom produces is around 2.5% and for psilocin that is 1.94%. From this we can safely conclude that Copelandia cyanescens is much more powerful than the Cubensis mushrooms. A trip with these mushrooms is therefore only recommended for the very experienced psychonaut.

    What is the difference between Copelandia cyanescens and psilocybe cyanescens?

    The names of both mushrooms are similar. However, it concerns two different types of mushrooms. First, they don't look the same. Psilocybe cyanescens (also known as Wavy Cap) is an elegant mushroom with a clock -shaped hat to brown color. These mushrooms are larger than the copelandia, they usually get around 15 cm high.


    For potential, Copelandia is the winner. However, Psilocybe Cyanescens is also a mushroom to take into account. The Psilocybin content is between 0.40 and 0.66% and the psilocin content between -0.75 and 1.95%. That is still not wrong, but the percentage is lower than that of his famous family member.

    What are the effects?

    Psilocybin is not actually the substance that causes a trip. When you use mushrooms or truffles, psilocybin in the body is converted into psilocin. That can then continue the blood-brain barrier, after which it causes the effects of a trip. A trip with mushrooms or Truffles is a magical experience that disrupts the operation of your senses.


    Often people see patterns and colors and sounds come in differently. The higher the dosage you take, the more intense the hallucinations will be. During the trip your thoughts can also be different than usual. You get new insights, memories of which you no longer knew you had kept them somewhere, and your creativity can also increase sharply.


    A trip can also be strongly spiritual in nature. Some users tell encounters with aliens, guides, angels, elves or gods. This can often lead to special insights, which you can then take with you in daily life. No matter how you turn it, a trip is a strong individual experience, it is different for everyone. But how is that with Copelandia cyanescens? This is a very strong mushroom, a trip is therefore very intensive.


    When you take a dose of the Hawaiian you have to stand firmly in your shoes. The hallucinations that this mushroom causes are very visual. You can see geometric patterns, where the colors are very lively and deep. In addition, you feel nice and relaxed, satisfied and happy, and you can also enjoy philosophical and spiritual insights. The trip will last about four to six hours.

    How do you dose the Hawaiian Paddo?

    Which dose you take, with mushrooms is always important, but that is certainly the case with such a powerful mushroom as Copelandia cyanescens. It is wise to be careful. The You prefer to get some mushroom experience before you start this powerhouse. Take a low dose to experience what the effects of this mushroom are. If you go for fresh mushrooms, then a low dose is 2 grams and take a dried person, then you can be able to take your 0.2 grams. A high dose is 7.7 grams of fresh and 0.8 grams dried respectively.

    Alternatives for the powerful Copelandia cyanescens

    The fact that the Hawaiian mushroom is so strong is of course very special. But not everyone wants to use such an impressive mushroom. For beginners, we definitely recommend a little less potent mushrooms, such as the Mexican or the Thai. These have milder effects, but are a nice introduction to mushrooms. If you want a somewhat more powerful mushroom to prepare for a trip with the Hawaiian, then you can, for example, for mckennaii or the B+ plus mushrooms go. As you can see, there is plenty of choice in our Mushroom webshop. Whatever your experience is, you will certainly find a Mushroom grow kit what you can handle.

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