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    Saturday 26 September 2023

    The 6 best accessories for smoking weed

    If you really want to enjoy smoking weed, there are various handy, but also beautiful accessories to purchase. Of course you cannot do without a good lighter, but a nice ashtray, rolling tray or a box to store your weed are also indispensable.

    Make your high even more pleasant with these top 6 accessories. In our shop you will find a wide choice, so you will always find something that suits you.

    The best smoking accessories

    Complete your collection with these accessories. Not all of them are essential, but they do make your life easier!

    1. Lighter

    It's the most annoying thing there is: if you want a nice joint, you can't find your lighter. Or you just have a lighter that gives a tiny flame, making lighting so difficult that you lose your vibe completely. You don't want that frustration. So buy a lighter that you will never take out of your pocket again.

    There is plenty of choice: with cool designs and with a large format, so that you can use it for a long time. You can even opt for a torch, which gives a flame that does not just blow out. The hot flame of a torch also ensures that the herbs are properly heated, so that they release their active ingredients more quickly. Make it easy on yourself and quickly buy a whole supply of lighters.

    2. Store

    If you have just started using cannabis, a jam jar or a can also functions well as storage for your weed. But it doesn't stay there for long. It is better to use a well-closable and light and airtight storage place for your stash. In our shop you will find a range of storage products of high quality.

    These will be a safe place to keep your weed. They not only keep your stash fresh for longer, but also keep unwanted odors in. Some are designed to keep a large stock. But there are also handy jars or cans, in which you can take cigarettes (or herbs or truffles) with you.

    3. Ashtray

    Indispensable for smoking at home: the ashtray. You can of course take a simple white ashtray. But an ashtray can also simply be very beautiful and a statement that reflects what is important to you. Therefore, choose an ashtray that deserves a place in the middle of your coffee table. The ashtrays in our shop are true works of art and will certainly attract attention.

    4. Grinders

    Once you have your weed at home and the ashtray is ready, it's time to grind the buds. You can make grinding easy with a good grinder . They come in different types and materials (metal, acrylic, wood or a credit card grinder). The grinder grinds the marijuana buds into even pieces. Metal grinders are a bit more expensive, but last longer than plastic grinders.

    Another feature to keep in mind is that grinders can be two-, three- or four-piece. Two-part are the simplest, three-part have extra space, where the finely cut weed falls after grinding. Four-part grinders have an extra space, in which the kief can be separated from the buds. We have a wide range of grinders, so take a look at our shop.

    5. Rolling tray

    A nice rolling tray should also be part of your stock of accessories. That makes rolling your joint easier. If you don't have such a tray, you are forced to do it on your desk, your thigh or whatever surface you can find. But that is certainly not ideal. Keep it neat and tidy with a nice rolling tray. In the 24high shop you will find the nicest and most beautiful rolling trays, with trendy designs. With such a handy tray you can quickly roll your joint and it looks great on your table too.

    6. Vaporizers

    For those who prefer to vape instead of smoke, there is the vaporizer. With this you can vaporize the weed. The advantage is that the herbs do not burn, which prevents the release of toxic substances that you would then inhale. So it is healthier to do than smoking. Also vaping is easier: you don't have to roll a joint for it.

    With these accessories you get everything you need to enjoy cannabis. If you are looking for something else, take a look around our shop. We offer you everything you need if you want to use cannabis, magic mushrooms, truffles, herbs or CBD.

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