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    Saturday 30 October 2021

    Support your resistance (immune system) with CBD

    Your resistance protects you against viruses, bacteria and fungi, and CBD has properties that may support resistance. That's good, because your immune system can always use a little extra.

    We try to take the best possible care of our health, but it is known that many people do not eat enough fruit and vegetables. Stress also has a negative influence on resistance. Can CBD boost the immune system, and how exactly does this cannabinoid work?

    How the immune system works

    We all want to stay healthy, but your body must constantly defend itself against outside invaders. Fortunately there is resistance, a system of cells, tissues and organs that helps keep out and defeat these invaders. Had this not been the case, you would be constantly ill and could even die from a simple cold.

    It is mainly the white blood cells that play an important role in the defense against viruses, bacteria and fungi. They are the soldiers who go into battle. Your body has two types: the lymphocytes and the phagocytes. Lymphocytes are produced in the bone marrow and produce antibodies. They allow your body to acquire lasting immunity by allowing it to remember who previously attacked it. That way, your body can defend itself more quickly in the event of a subsequent infection.

    Phagocytes are the body's great cleaners: they clean up all foreign particles. They do this through phagocytosis, in which the cell envelops and absorbs a foreign particle. The immune system is very complex, and its effectiveness depends on many other factors, such as your overall health, your diet, stress, how well you sleep and how much you exercise.

    Support the resistance with CBD

    CBD (short for cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid that comes from the hemp plant. The substance, in conjunction with our endocannabinoid system (ECS), could influence resistance. Extensive research is currently being conducted into the possibilities of CBD, but we do not yet know exactly how cannabidiol affects the immune system.

    The ECS is a regulatory system that influences health through a network of receptors. For example, it affects the sleep-wake rhythm, emotions, memory and resistance. The ECS will always try to maintain homeostasis (balance) so that the body can continue to function optimally. It does this through endocannabinoids. But also plant cannabinoids, such as CBD, can work together with the ECS.

    The properties of CBD

    CBD, which you can take in different ways, like for example CBD oil or CBD crystals , has several properties, some of which could have a positive effect on resistance . For example, that CBD has an immunomodulatory effect. This means that it can influence the immune system, acting as an inhibitor if the immune system is overactive. But if the resistance does not function properly, it will have a stimulating effect.

    The following properties of cannabidiol can help support the immune system.


    CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect. This is especially useful in chronic inflammation, such as in MS, lupus or Crohn's disease. These are autoimmune diseases in which the immune system is overactive and inflammation develops everywhere. The properties of CBD can slow down your overactive immune system, which could reduce the nuisance caused by inflammation.

    Healthy functioning of cells

    At the cellular level, CBD can also have an effect. It can namely stimulate cell death (apoptosis) in cells that have started to proliferate or no longer function properly. This happens with cancer, making CBD a suitable means to use. Furthermore, it can support the action of natural killer cells, which play an important role in killing cells, both viruses and self-mutated cells.

    Activation of proteins

    TRPV2 is a protein needed for a proper functioning of the immune system. CBD can activate this protein

    Optimal resistance with CBD?

    More research is needed to be able to say with certainty what the effect of CBD on the immune system is. It certainly seems to have some properties that are important for a properly functioning resistor. So choose a natural remedy if you are looking for support for body and mind. Have a look at our CBD products . There is a lot of choice: for example choose the easy to take CBD capsules or the tasty CBD edibles .

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