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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 25 August 2023

    How often should you replace the water in your bong?

    You probably don't feel like it most of the time: changing the water in your bong. Still, putting fresh water in your bong is really worth it: you'll get those wonderful aromatic traits back. Plus, there's the added benefit that your bongwill last much longer. In this blog, we explain when and how often you should change the water.


    The water in a bong

    Anyone who regularly uses a bong has experienced it: you take a hit, and it tastes like taking a sip of ditch water. It tastes stale and unappealing. This is of course not what you hoped for. But it's a clear sign that the water in your bong needs to be replaced.


    The water in this device acts as a kind of filter for the smoke that passes through it. The advantage is that it traps the harmful particles from the smoke, so that they do not end up in your mouth and lungs. As you probably know, smoke from weed is not really healthy, it contains all kinds of carcinogenic substances and if you inhale them, they can damage your lungs.


    So using a bong makes smoking a little less unhealthy. The water does not filter out all harmful particles, but the smoke is certainly purer. Another advantage of smoking with a bong is that the hot smoke cools down because it travels along the water. This makes smoking less irritating and makes inhaling easier. However, you can't keep using the water indefinitely, at some point you have to replace it.


    When should I change the water in my bong?

    If you plan to use your bong, it's useful to take a look at the water. Perhaps you are in doubt whether the water needs to be replaced, because how do you know when it is necessary? There is no standard answer to this question. When you want to do that depends on your own preference and how hygienic you want to work. It is best to replace the water in your bong after each session, then the device stays clean and you are guaranteed a tasteful experience.


    If you don't do that and wait longer, you will notice that smoking becomes less pleasant. There are a number of signs that tell you it's time to change the water in your bong.

    • Resin buildup: Black or brown resin in your bong, especially in the water chamber, is a sign that it is high time to clean your bong.
    • Brown or dirty water: Brown water is a sign that resin and tar are present in the water. It can stain your bong and is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.
    • Foul smell: If water is left standing for too long, it can attract bacteria. This can cause your bong to give off a foul odor.
    • Mold formation: Fungi can also grow in stagnant water.


    Do you still not feel like cleaning your bong, despite a bad smell? Remember that the bacteria and fungi that are in the water, inhale when using the bong. That can really cause health problems. So if you don't do it for the good taste, do it because you want to stay healthy yourself.


    Benefits of changing the water in your bong

    No matter how tedious the job is, replacing the water in your bong and cleaning the device brings many benefits. Below, we list them for you.


    1. The bong works better

    Dirty water can no longer filter the smoke properly. When the water is clean, your bong will work more effectively and the smoke will be much better filtered. That is also better for your health.


    2. Enjoy optimal taste

    Brown and dingy water will give a foul smell and taste to your smoke. If you clean your bong and put fresh water in it, you can fully enjoy all the taste nuances of your weed again.


    3. Replacing water: your bong will last longer

    Another advantage of regularly replacing the water in your bong is that the device will last longer. By cleaning it regularly, you prevent stains, it looks nicer, and it also remains easier to maintain.


    4. Free from bacteria and fungi

    As mentioned, stagnant water forms a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Of course, you don't want to inhale smoke filtered through dirty water full of bacteria. Not only is it a dirty idea, but it can also make you sick. So clean the water after every use, or at least do it so often that you prevent it from getting dirty.


    A clean bong

    Delaying cleaning your bong will only cause problems. You run the risk of a lesser effect and even the formation of bacteria and fungi. Change the water every now and then, that will only make smoking more pleasant. It's not a job that takes hours, so put your shoulders to the wheel and ensure yourself of the rich flavors and smells of weed and make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.

    Don't have a bong yet and want to use one? Then take a look at our shop. There are bongs in different shapes and colors, and they are made of different materials. Whatever your budget, there is sure to be a nice bong for you.

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