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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 22 March 2024

    How do you recognize good weed?

    When you buy weed, you naturally hope that it is of good quality. If it isn't, then there's little chance you'll be able to enjoy it. The taste, smell and effects leave much to be desired. But how do you recognize good weed and how do you avoid making a bad purchase? In this blog we explain how you can assess whether weed is of good quality.


    Distinguishing good weed from bad weed

    There is no accounting for taste. Whether weed is good or bad does not depend on your personal preference. It can happen that you buy weed, and you don't like the smell, taste or effects, even though it was excellent weed. If you are talking about poor bud quality, then there is something completely different going on. Bad weed can be moist or too dry and the taste is unpleasant and sharp.


    If you have high-quality buds, they have been properly dried and cured. Of course there is no mold on them, they are full and fragrant and not too dry or too wet. There are several factors that determine whether weed is of good quality or not. You assess the weed before you buy it, by smelling, feeling and looking. So you use all your senses! Below you can read what you should pay attention to if you want to buy good quality weed.

    This is how you recognize good weed

    Feel: too wet or too dry

    Don't just buy buds without first feeling them. You can recognize good weed by the fact that buds feel sticky and not moist or clammy. On the other hand, they should not feel dry and brittle either. You can pinch the buds to feel if they bounce back properly. Then you know that they are resilient, firm and flexible. When weed is damp, it smells musty and moldy. If it is too dry, cannabinoids have been lost and the effects will also be disappointing.


    Smell: the smell

    Cannabis has a distinctive, spicy scent. That smell can also tell you a lot about the quality of the buds. It is mainly the terpenes that are responsible for the different scents. Weed can smell fruity, peppery or floral. If you are going to buy weed, put your nose to work. The smell should be pleasant and strong. If the buds are poorly dried, you will smell a grassy and musty odor.


    Look: beautiful, crystal-rich buds

    Bugs contain small calyxes and pistils, as well as twigs and leaves. The latter are called sugar leaves. A good grower will neatly trim buds and cut off the sugar leaves. That is also best, because an excess of sugar leaves can lead to mold formation. They also contain fewer trichomes. If you see a lot of sugar leaves in the buds, you get less value for your money.


    You can also recognize good weed by the fact that it is rich in crystals (trichomes). These are the glands that produce the terpenes and cannabinoids and are ultimately responsible for the taste, smell and effects of your weed. The more crystals, the more powerful the effects and the more intense the smell and taste. The color of the trichomes can also say something about the time of harvest.


    If the trichomes are still clear, the buds were not yet ready for harvest. Buds with amber trichomes were harvested too late. This affects the taste and smell of your weed. Therefore, study the trichomes. If they are milky and opaque, they were harvested at exactly the right time.


    Recognize good weed: sticky buds

    You can also recognize good weed by the resin secreted by the trichomes. Resin is produced as protection against pests. If you are looking for good weed, the stickiness of the buds is a good sign. It means that many cannabinoids and terpenes have been produced. Here too it is a good idea to feel the buds with your fingers. Please note that stickiness is not the same as moisture. If you lightly squeeze a bud, you should be able to see and feel the resin. It's a bit like what honey feels like.

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    This is how you get high-quality buds

    With the above tips you can now look for really good buds. You know what to look out for: avoid weed that smells unpleasant (like hay or mold), and that feels too dry or too wet. Go for buds that smell wonderful and feel sticky. You can see that they are rich in trichomes and not full of sugar leavesitten. When you smoke these buds, it feels pleasant, the flavor is full and the smoke doesn't feel sharp or unpleasant.


    But this search for the ideal buds is not even necessary if you grow your own weed. With the right care, you can grow cannabis in your own home or garden, so that you are always provided with the best buds. Take a look around our shop and choose high-quality good seeds with the smell, taste and effects you are looking for. Would you like some tips and advice for growing, such as how to grow weed? Drying, when your nutrition or common problems when growing, you will find that information in our blogs.

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