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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 30 November 2023

    How do you make your own mushroom chocolate?

    Do you like mushrooms, but you're not crazy about the taste? Then it's nice to know that you have alternatives. Mushrooms can be used in tasty snacks, such as chocolate, and you can also make them yourself. Cocoa has such a strong flavour that you can feel the earthy taste of your magic mushrooms you will hardly taste them anymore. In this blog, you can read what the benefits of mushroom chocolate are and how you can make it.


    Why would you make mushroom chocolate?

    As mentioned, the taste of magic mushrooms can be quite intense and unpleasant. A major advantage of making chocolate with mushrooms is that you will be less bothered by the taste. That makes consuming these magical mushrooms that little bit more pleasant. But there are more benefits to this delicious chocolate!


    Cocoa is an MAOI. This means that it ensures that certain neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, remain circulating in the blood for longer. If you use cocoa in combination with mushrooms, the effects of the mushrooms will last longer. If you take this into account and deal with it consciously, it can be a pleasant side effect. Good to know: regular, processed chocolate generally no longer contains MAO inhibitors. If you want that effect, go for raw cacao.

    Making mushroom chocolate

    Before we start explaining how to make mushroom chocolate, it is useful to know something about mushrooms and heating. You have to be very careful with this. Psilocybin cannot withstand high temperatures (higher than 70 degrees). The fabric then becomes damaged and breaks off. If you are going to make tea, make a sauce or chocolate with mushrooms, or if you heat your cooking too much, your mushroom dish will not be of much use to you. Psilocybin will then cause few effects.


    That is of course a shame! Fortunately, you can prevent this. If you are cooking, make sure you complete all actions where the temperature is higher than 70 degrees before adding your mushrooms. Only add them when the dish has cooled down a bit. To make your mushroom tea, first boil the water, let it cool and then add the magic mushrooms. It's the same with chocolate.


    Are you in the mood for mushroom chocolate yet? Below is an explanation of how to make it. First get the necessary ingredients:


    • Dried mushrooms
    • A bar of chocolate (choose what you like)
    • If you want: raw cacao


    Other supplies:


    • Saucepan
    • Garde
    • Bowl (that fits in the pan)
    • Sharp knife or coffee grinder
    • Chocolate molds or a baking tray
    • Food thermometer (if you have one)

    Preparation method

    You can only make mushroom chocolate with dried mushrooms. Take about as much as you think will fit in a bar of chocolate (one or two doses) and take into account how much you want to eat. Grind the mushrooms well with a coffee grinder or use a knife.


    Take the chocolate and crumble it into the bowl. Put water in the saucepan and heat it. Place the bowl with chocolate in it so that it can heat up in a bain-marie. The idea is that there is at least an inch of water under the bowl. Turn the heat to medium high and wait for it to boil. You will see the chocolate start to melt. Stir with the whisk so that the heat is evenly distributed.


    Once the chocolate has completely melted, remove the bowl from the pan and let everything cool slightly. It is important that the chocolate cools to below 70 degrees. You can possibly use a food thermometer to make sure it is cool enough. Now mix the ground mushrooms with the chocolate and add the raw cocoa if necessary. Stir well so that the mushrooms are evenly distributed.


    Now pour the chocolate onto a baking tray or into chocolate moulds. Let your treats harden in the refrigerator. Then it's time to enjoy your homemade mushroom chocolate!


    Nice tip: you can also make this chocolate with magical truffles. The preparation method is exactly the same and it is wise to stick to the same instructions. Make truffle chocolate with dried truffles and ensure that the temperature does not exceed 70 degrees.


    What about the dosage?

    Dosing mushroom chocolate is of course something to pay close attention to. This chocolate is not intended for snacking like a regular bar. If you want to be sure that you receive a certain dosage, you will have to pay close attention during preparation that the mushroom powder is neatly distributed over the bar.


    Dosing will always be less accurate than when you eat individual mushrooms. If you want to eat half a bar of chocolate, weigh out two doses of mushrooms and process them into 1 bar of chocolate. Because you do not know exactly how much of the magic mushrooms you are ingesting, it is advisable to take it easy with the chocolate. It may well be that a portion contains more than you thought.


    All in all, making your own mushroom (or truffle) chocolate is fun and, as a bonus, you can now eat your mushrooms with gusto. If you are going to try it, take a look at our shop for the different types of mushroom growing kits and truffles that we offer.

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