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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 30 February 2023

    How do you dose CBD oil?

    Have you purchased CBD oil, but are you now wondering how much you should actually take? Many people who are going to use CBD oil for the first time are faced with this question. This supplement can help support your health, but it is important that you do not use too much, but also not too little. In this blog, we give you tips to CBD oil to be able to dose, so that you can optimally benefit from the benefits.

    How can you dose CBD oil?

    The starting point of CBD oil (and many other natural remedies) is that there are no guidelines for use. You can start from your own feeling. But of course this gives little guidance. Nevertheless, the use of CBD oil is preferably tailored to your personal situation. Every person is different. The dose of CBD oil does not only depend on, for example, your body weight and the speed of your metabolism, but also on the complaint  what you use the product for and how long it has been bothering you.


    CBD oil can for example be used for:

    • Chronic or acute pain
    • Sleep problems
    • Anxiety and stress
    • Depression
    • Hormonal imbalance (PMS, menopausal complaints)
    • Inflammations
    • Concentration problems
    • Intestinal complaints (IBS)


    For example, you may have a headache once and a single dose of CBD oil is sufficient. But if you suffer from chronic headaches, one dose will not be enough. Then it is best to start using CBD for a few weeks or months. But how do you go about dosing CBD oil? We will discuss this further below.

    Start slowly

    The active ingredients of CBD are cannabinoids. In addition to CBD, full spectrum oil also contains other cannabinoids, such as CBG and CBC. All these substances work together with your body, they can help to restore the natural balance. A complaint such as PMS or sleeping problems means that that balance is disturbed. By taking the right dose of CBD, you may be able to improve this.


    It is best to start with a low dose of CBD oil. A dose that is too high will be too strong a stimulus and will also disrupt the balance. A low dose gives you the opportunity to see how your body reacts to CBD oil. It is important to listen carefully to your body.


    A good starting dose, whether you use 5% or 10% CBD oil, is two to four drops per day. Take the drops throughout the day, for example in the morning and evening. Give yourself a few days to a week to experience how you react to this. If you do not notice any improvement or effect, you can slowly increase the dose.


    Dosing CBD oil: increasing the dose

    You may not immediately notice the effects of CBD. But it is important to realize that this remedy works very differently from regular medicines that in some cases have an almost immediate effect (such as painkillers). So keep the initial dose for a few days to a week.


    If you don't notice anything after that time, you can increase the dose the second week. If you took four drops a day, you can, for example, take three drops in the morning and three drops in the evening. You can also keep this up for another week. When you notice that this gives the positive result, you can stay on this dose. If it is not yet the effect you wanted, you can increase the dose again.


    If you still do not get sufficient results, it may also be that you need a CBD oil with a higher percentage of CBD. If you use an oil with 5% CBD, you may benefit more from an oil with 10% CBD. If you switch to this, keep in mind that this oil has a more powerful effect. It is then wise to start again with a low dose.

    Consequences of too much CBD oil?

    If you build up the dose of CBD oil slowly, you can feel what is happening. An overdose is actually not possible that way. Fortunately, CBD oil is also a safe substance. Even at high doses and long-term use, few side effects are reported. Nevertheless, side effects are possible, and it is also good to keep an eye on this, especially if you know that you react sensitively to medication and supplements.


    CBD oil affects digestion and appetite. It can change your appetite. In some people it stimulates appetite, in others it suppresses the appetite. Other possible side effects include fatigue, nausea, and irritability. In addition, CBD oil can increase the effectiveness of other medicines you are taking to change. If you already use medication, first consult with your doctor whether CBD oil is safe to use.


    Difference of CBD oil and CBD capsules

    You can take CBD oil in different ways. There is CBD oil, but there are also CBD capsules (and also other forms, see our CBD shop). Both forms are both effective, but due to the different form of intake, the speed of absorption of the active substances changes.


    You can drop CBD oil under the tongue. You keep the oil in your mouth for a while, so that the active substances can be absorbed through the oral mucosa. This goes very quickly, the substances end up directly in the bloodstream. As a result, you can also notice an effect quite quickly, sometimes within 15 to 20 minutes. Another advantage is that no active substances are lost.


    This is different with CBD capsules. You swallow this (with some water or another drink). The capsule will pass into your stomach. As a result, the absorption of the active substances is slower than with CBD oil. Because not only do CBD and the other cannabinoids pass through the stomach, they are also processed by the liver. Substances are also lost because they are digested. But CBD capsules also have advantages. The effect of CBD capsules lasts longer. They are easy to take, and you always know exactly how much CBD you are taking. In addition, you will not be bothered by the (yet quite strong) taste of the CBD oil.


    Hopefully, with the above information, you can now find the right dose of CBD that suits you and that helps you with your health problems. In our shop you will find different brands and percentages of CBD oil.

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