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    Dr.Paddo - Wednesday 30 February 2022

    How can you grow a mescaline cactus at home?

    Most people are familiar with psychoactive substances, such as magic mushrooms and weed, but there are also cacti that contain psychoactive substances. Examples include Peyote and San Pedro. You can buy these ready-made in our webshop. But growing your own cactus at home is also very easy, you do not need any special knowledge or skills. Cacti are very strong plants. It does require some patience, however, as they do not grow quickly. But if you want a magical mescaline-cactus in your home, you will find tips for growing yourself.


    Why grow a mescaline cactus at home?

    Some people use mind-altering substances because tripping is a great experience. Others do it because it can help with complaints. Cacti containing psychoactive substance mescaline. When you ingest this substance, you will hallucinate. During a journey you can experience strong emotions, you feel one reality very different, and you feel one reality with the universe.


    The mescaline cacti are the Peyote and the San Pedro cactus. The Peyote contains on average about 3 to 6% mescaline. In contrast, 50 grams of San Pedro cactus can contain 150 mg of mescaline. So it is wise to think about which cactus you would like to use and to be careful with dosing if you want to trip.


    Other differences between the two types of cacti is that the Peyote cactus grows growing. It becomes spherical and has no spines. It is rich in various psychoactive substances, including mescaline. The San Pedro grows faster and can expand beautiful color shades. When the cactus matures, it can grow up to 6 meters high. The San Pedro does get spines, so this is a little more difficult to prepare.


    You definitely need patience if you want to grow a cactus at home. It will be at least a year before your cactus is ready for harvest. However, this is still quite small and you will probably need the whole cactus for a single trip. You can do that, but if you continue to grow it, you can harvest multiple times and that has natural benefits.

    What do you need to grow a cactus?

    Growing a cactus at home is very easy. You only need some basic supplies:


    • Seeds of a mescaline cactus
    • Terracotta pot
    • Scooter
    • Soil for cacti
    • A few wimps
    • Plastic foil
    • Piece of muslin

    1. Seeds, pots and soil

    Once you have the cactus seeds at home, you can start growing your own mescaline cactus. Of course you want to put the seed in potting soil. But which soil is best for a cactus? You can buy special cactus soil at a garden center. This provides the best nutrition and ensures good drainage. The choice of a certain pot is also important. Plastic pots do not have the ability to drain water. A terracotta pot has a hole at the bottom, excess water can drain. This is a handy option, which will help prevent the soil from becoming too moist, which can cause the roots of your cactus to rot.


    Before you fill the pot with soil, place a few cotton balls on the hole in the bottom. Pull the cotton ball out a bit through the hole. This way you can water the cactus from below. This has the advantage that you do not give too much water from the seed and wash it away with the water. Now fill the pot with soil, to a little over half.


    Now take the seed. If you have multiple seeds, make sure to leave 4 to 5 cm of space between the seeds. Place a seed on the soil and sprinkle a thin layer of soil on it. Prepare the saucer, pour a layer of water on top and place the jar on top. The water is sucked up through the cotton ball. Leave the pot until the top layer of soil has become moist. Then you can get out of it.


    2. Germinating seeds

    You can now put your seed jar on the windowsill. It can be in the sun for a few hours a day. Cacti grow best in a temperature between 20 and 30 degrees. You can stimulate growth by covering the pot with a piece of plastic wrap. Do you see that the earth is getting too dry? Then put the pot back on the saucer and water from below. Make sure that the soil does not dry out too much, but also avoid overwatering. Give your cactus seeds about 2 weeks to germinate.


    3. The growth of your mescaline cactus

    If your little cactus has risen above the earth, you can still go on with your deed. After 2 weeks the foil is no longer needed and you can remove it. If you like, you can put a piece of muslin over the pot instead. Keep watering through the saucer and don't put the pot too low yetang in direct sunlight. It is important that the cactus gets enough light. How do you know if you have the right balance? The cactus will turn yellow with too little light and brown or red if it is placed in the sun too often and for too long. Your cactus is healthy if it is a nice dark green.


    With 1 year, your home-grown cactus is mature. You can put it in full sun and it needs less water. It is not a problem if the earth dries out. As you know, cacti grow in a dry climate and the plant is adapted to that. You can now also give water directly to the earth, a saucer is no longer necessary.


    4. Transfer to another pot

    As your cactus grows, you may need to transfer it to another pot. You can do that if it is 1 cm in diameter. If this is the case, find a pot that is 3 times the diameter of the cactus and, in terms of depth, 4 to 5 times as deep as the cactus is high. Repotting gives the cactus room to grow further.


    Growing a cactus yourself is a lot of fun, and in the end it is also useful. They are easy to maintain. Go for a growing kit(several varieties available) with clear instructions for use, or choose seeds from the San Pedro cactus.

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