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    Saturday 30 October 2021

    Healthy effects of Cannabis CBD

    What is CBD?

    CBD stands for Cannabidiol (non-psychoactive Cannabinoid), this is a completely natural substance that is extracted from the flower of the cannabis plant. CBD can be found in all types of cannabis plants. The amount of CBD differs per cannabis strain, this can vary from 1 to even 20%. From 4% we already speak of a CBD-rich cannabis strain. The average Dutch weed contains about 1 to 3% CBD, while the CBD content for foreign hash is a lot higher, namely 7.5% on average. CBD has a completely different effect than the well-known weed that we smoke. CBD is in fact only 1 of the 104 substances that the cannabis plant is rich.

    CBD is completely natural, non-addictive and will not get you high. You only get high because of another component of the cannabis plant (THC). Furthermore, CBD has no negative side effects, it is not harmful to the body or mind and an overdose of CBD cannot be taken. In fact, CBD even seems to have a positive effect on the complete balance of the body and also helps with pain, sleeping problems, epilepsy and much more. Cannabis is a plant with an enormously rich history as a medicine, dating back a thousand (s) years, in dozens of civilizations around the world.

    Thus, in 2737 BC. hemp has already been used for fibers (rope) and as medicine by the Chinese, among others. In 2000 BC. this had spread to Hindu civilizations such as those in India and in 700 BC. cannabis was also used by the Persians. Hemp was already at that time and until today essential for a lot of (raw) fiber, oil and for its medicinal effect. Of course, these civilizations at that time did not yet know that the healing effect came from the CBD in the cannabis plants, among other things. Are you interested already? Take a quick look here: CBD Products

    Discovery of CBD

    CBD was "only" discovered in 1940 by a Harvard graduate chemist Roger Adams. After many years of scientific discoveries and research, he accidentally discovered CBD. Six years later in 1946, when Dr. Walter S. Loewe began to study the effects of CBD, by testing this on laboratory animals, the interest in CBD began to increase. At the same time, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam also began to study CBD. Mechoulam is often seen as the greatest discoverer of the chemical composition of CBD.

    CBD-rich Cannabis Strains

    There are different cannabis strains, each with their unique properties and different composition(s). The CBD-rich cannabis strains contain at least 4% CBD. We will mention some cannabis strains that produce a lot of CBD: Shiva Skunk, Afghani, CBD Therapy, Dinamed CBD. The human body contains the endocannabinoid system that is millions of years old. Among other things, all other mammals, birds, fish and sea urchins have this system in their body. By the way, endo means body own.

    Endocannabinoids act as signalers and regulate all important processes in a living being. Endocannabinoids regulate the production of hormones, proteins, control the immune system, all organs and even how we feel and what we think. Outside a living creature in nature, cannabinoids only occur in the cannabis plant and are called phythocannabinoids. This also explains why cannabis has a medicinal effect. The vegetable Cannabinoids are almost the same substances, that the human body also produces, to control processes in our body. It's because of this that cannabis and CBD are body-friendly products that are quickly absorbed by our body.

    What does CBD do?

    CBD acts as an antipsychotic and sedative. CBD and its effect has been extensively researched, including in humans, of course, and it helps by: multiple sclerosis, nerve pain or neuropathic pain, schizophrenia, bipolar mania, social phobia, insomnia, arthritis, rheumatism and Huntington's disease. It can act as an anti-epileptic, anti-emetic, anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic agent, among other things. CBD is also effective by(damage due to) insufficient blood circulation. Moreover, CBD also has a neuro-protective effect and therefore it can possibly be of importance, in a cerebrovascular accident, Parkinson's disease, (traumatic) brain damage and epilepsy.

    CBD can help with (repairing) skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema and / or acne. CBD provides more inner peace and promotes sleep significantly. It reduces stress enormously and it can be of (great) significance in dementia, autisme, AD (H) D and many other conditions. CBD can also be used as a food supplement and help restore the complete physical and mental balance. For example, CBD also helps with under- or overweight and the recovery of the eating balance by stimulating the appetite. It also seems to have an effect on inflammation and (sports) injuries. CBD is (in) directly linked to many of our other bodily systems, such as the neuro-system, the muscular system, the digestive system, the hormone system, the reproductive system, the respiratory system, the immune system, the circulatory system, the bone system and many more. CBD oil is freely accessible to the consumer, and also freely available from us. This mainly uses cannabis strains that were originally developed for fiber and seed production.

    These strains have low concentrations of Cannabinoids with a very low THC / THCA content. The favorable ratio CBD (A) / THC (A) makes these strains extremely suitable for the production of CBD-rich products, as it is very difficult to separate THC from CBD and this (ointment) may or may not be illegal (in the Netherlands) is. Medicinal Cannabis (oil) (THC oil or THC / CBD oil) sometimes also contains psychoactive substances and in that case it falls under the Opium Act and in the Netherlands it is only available on a doctor's prescription. Each cannabis strain has a different ratio and strength of THC and CBD, which in turn has an effect on how it works. As said before, CBD has hardly any side effects at all, it is also completely non-addictive and it will not get you high. It is not harmful to your body or mind and an overdose cannot be taken. CBD has become extremely popular in recent years because the positive and medicinal properties of CBD are now known and also increasingly recognized.

    Cannabis CBD food

    I've gotten quite an appetite by now, so let's talk about the many Cannabis CBD foods on the market. I will talk about the high quality CBD products that we have and offer in our range. Our range contains all kinds of Cannabis CBD food such as:

    These are all products with a healthy effect. Cannabis and CBD food can be called unique. Its popularity is increasing day by day and stocks are almost impossible to regain. As an example, let's take the Chocolate pure with 70% cocoa. This is already a healthy product and contains almost four times more antioxidants than a plum or a handful of sprouts. No wonder they came up with the idea to infuse the chocolate bar with superior CBD Sativa with a high content of CBD. The result is a super healthy dark chocolate bar with 15 mg CBD. This delicious dark CBD chocolate supports the immune system and has an anti-inflammatory effect, making it even healthier than the normal 70% dark chocolate bar! Of course we offer many more beautiful Cannabis CBD products and products related to the use of CBD such as CBD tea, CBD wax, CBD hash, CBD crystals and CBD oil.


    Quality CBD

    As "last but not least" I would just like to say that the (very) cheapest variants of CBD products are often "bad" and do not do what they promise. When it comes to CBD products, cheap is often expensive. The cheapest CBD products are often not or much less effective. That is why, as you could have read above, we only sell certified and tested CBD products that are guaranteed to work and for the best possible price.

    My advice for someone who wants to buy CBD oil for themselves or someone else (for the first time) is to first delve into the test results, the expected effect, strength and composition of the product. Another advice is, as a new user, to inquire about the experiences of other people in his or her environment, whether online or not. Good quality CBD is safe for everyone and even for (pets) animals, most common among the latter group is the dog. This time I have 'refreshed' a lot of knowledge that I already had and even learned some new things. Hopefully you have learned even more. Are you interested and do you want to try CBD? Click here: CBD Products

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