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    Dr.Paddo - Thursday 26 November 2021

    For every moment of the day: enjoy candy with CBD

    Whether you're young or old, almost all of us enjoy a sweet treat. It is not for nothing that the candy department in the supermarket is getting bigger and bigger these days. Licorice, chewing gum, chocolate or lollipops, almost everyone loves sweets. But it is of course a pity that almost all sweets are very unhealthy. Fortunately, there is also candy with CBD: this candies has been added CBD, a cannabino which can have a positive effect on health.

    What is CBD in candy, anyway?

    CBD (cannabidiol) is no longer an unfamiliar term for many people. This cannabis has been in the news a lot in recent years. Research shows that the substance can support our health in various ways. To understand how that works, we need to look at our own bodies. The human body (and that of other mammals) has the endocannabino system (ECS). This has a regulatory function, which means that it can influence various processes in the body. When the body is out of balance, the ECS helps to restore the balance.

    The ECS can adjust processes such as resistance, the perception of pain, memory, the sleep-wake rhythm and the like. To do this, the ECS needs cannabinoids. The body produces these itself, but the cannabinoids of the hemp plant can also work together with the ECS. These so-called phytocannabinoids transmit messages to a cell. CBD can also influence processes in the body in this way. By adding CBD to candy, you can enjoy a delicious treat as well as benefit from the effects of this cannabinoid.

    The positive effects of CBD

    CBD can be used to support health. It is often used for physical, but also mental complaints. CBD has, according to research, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. You could take it if you suffer from headaches, pain due to rheumatism, menstrual pain and migraine.

    In addition, CBD can help in the case of anxiety and stress. For example, if you have a fear of failure, your heart rate goes up, your muscles tense, and you worry about everything that could go wrong. CBD can bring more peace: it helps your body to relax more easily, and your thoughts are also less raging. This applies not only to performance anxiety, but also to other fears. Because of these soothing properties, CBD can also be useful for sleeping problems. Many people use this cannabis just before going to sleep, so that they fall asleep faster and can sleep through the night.

    Candy with CBD: at home or at work

    Was CBD only for sale a few years ago as CBD oil, nowadays, you have a lot more choice. Now you can also opt for mouth-watering CBD edibles. The advantage of this type of candy with CBD is that you can use it to take your daily dose of CBD. Sometimes drops or capsules are not so handy, you don't like to swallow pills, or you don't like the taste of the drops. Then edibles with CBD are of course a solution. And of course they are also very handy for on the road or at work. It's a very unobtrusive way to take your CBD.

    In addition, you have a lot of choice. Those with a sweet tooth can enjoy CBD lollipops, cotton candy and brownies. These are available in all kinds of different flavors, such as fruity strawberry, tropical piña colada or sweet banana. There is CBD chocolate for the chocolate lovers. And if you prefer no sweets with sugar, there are sugar-free CBD cubes. There is something for everyone, suitable for anyone who likes to enjoy a sweet now and then while taking advantage of the benefits of CBD.

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