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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 30 September 2023

    Celebrate with 9/20: International Magic Mushroom Day

    Do you already know 920, the International Magic Mushroom Day? You've probably heard of 420, the day that celebrates cannabis culture. This day is now known almost everywhere, but that is not yet the case with the Magic Mushroom Day. But that can change quickly. Hence, this blog, which delves deeper into what this special, festive day can mean.

    How 9/20 came about

    September 20 is International Magic Mushroom Day. That's totally awesome, right? Or have you never heard of it? That is possible, because this day, on which psilocybin is the focus, was only created a few years ago. The intention is to make people more familiar with magic mushrooms. As creator Nicholas Reville says, it's an educational day of action.

    Reville founded the 920 Coalition in 2015. This is intended to build a community of mushroom users and stimulate discussion around magic mushrooms and the benefits of psilocybin. There are still a lot of prejudices and stereotypes surrounding magic mushroom use. The 920 Coalition hopes that, as happened with cannabis, they can bring about a change in political positions and legislation.

    Because this has also worked out quite well with cannabis (although changes are still underway), Reville thought that magic mushrooms should finally have their own cultural holiday, on which they are seen in a positive light and people become more aware of the power and magic of psilocybin. Hence 920, on September 20.

    Tips to celebrate 920

    920 is a day to celebrate what magic mushrooms can bring to people. You can of course base your party on 420 and this day can certainly serve as inspiration. However, cannabis is used in a completely different way than magic mushrooms. You could use cannabis daily or at least regularly. In general, people don't do that with magic mushrooms. Mushrooms will make you go tripping and that can be quite intense.

    Some people use magic mushrooms even once and can use them for months or even years. They notice the positive effects on their emotional, mental and spiritual well-being long after that one trip. Usually, the use of magic mushrooms is not a routine that you use daily or even weekly. On 420, you celebrate the use of cannabis and many people do this by smoking weed all day long. It is not advisable to celebrate 920 in the same way. Of course, you can go tripping in a festive way. But remember that you can also celebrate with both feet on earth and, above all, spread information about magic mushrooms.

    1. Festive trip

    If you like to trip, then 920 is the ideal day to make something special of it. Choose a mushroom that has slightly more powerful or visual effects, such as the Colombian, the B+ or Ecuadorian (if you already have some experience with tripping). Or go tripping outside in nature, in the forest or on the beach. Take your mushrooms with good friends, put on some nice music and make an unforgettable trip on 9/20.

    2. Organize a meeting

    It can be very interesting to organize a meeting about magic mushrooms. Maybe you already know some people who, like you, are fans of psilocybin, then you can invite them. But of course it's also great to meet new people. Post an invitation online or ask your friends to invite others to this meeting. Tell each other about your trip experiences and give tips about using magic mushrooms.

    3. Celebrating 9/20: Watching movies about magic mushrooms

    A fun movie night is of course not to be missed on 9/20. You can go for a documentary about psychedelics, for example Fantasic Fungi or How to change your mind. But films that focus on mind-altering substances are of course also interesting. Think of Requiem for a Dream, Enter the void of Fear and loathing in Las Vegas.

    4. Go to a lecture

    By going to a lecture on psychedelics, you can gain knowledge about these substances and talk about them with like-minded people. That is also the goal of 9/20. On September 20, public transport will be held Public lectures given at associations and organizations around the world. See if anything is being done in your area, or contact a university or organization.

    5. Take a course on magic mushrooms

    You never stop learning, and that certainly applies to magic mushrooms. Maybe you already grow your own mushrooms at home with our handy grow kits. These are not complicated to use, but you can always benefit from additional tips and tricks. Therefore, see if there is a workshop or course nearby about magic mushrooms or mushrooms in general. On this special holiday, you can also read a nice book about growing mushrooms.

    9/20: A day to celebrate with others

    Throwing a party is always fun, but it is good to also take a moment to think about why this day is celebrated. The intention is for others to learn more about the power of magic mushrooms and the positive impact they can have on life. And that can only happen if we spread this news. So look for others, both those who are already familiar with magic mushrooms and those who are not. Talk to each other, keep an open mind and understand each other's points of view. Because magic mushrooms themselves also stand for open-mindedness, for discovery and connection with each other. We can all benefit from that, on 9/20 and also on all other days of the year.

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