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    You can already tell by the name of these mushrooms. B+ stands for Be Plus, which you can also see as Be Positive. A feeling of contentment, happiness and cheerfulness, that is what you can get when you trip with B+ magic mushrooms. And growing these magic mushrooms at home is made easy with the All In One Growkit.

    All in One B+ Growing your own is really easy

    If you think you really can't grow magic mushrooms, then you should read on. You don't need any special experience for a mushroom grow kit, everyone can use it. And B+ magic mushrooms are perhaps the most fun of all magic mushrooms to grow. They can grow very large, up to 35 cm high. They also grow in all kinds of crazy, striking shapes, making it really worthwhile to grow these mushrooms yourself. And they are not very sensitive to temperature fluctuations like some other mushrooms'. that are. No green fingers? Don't worry, you too can grow magic mushrooms.

    What can you expect from tripping with B+ magic mushrooms?

    If you want a nice, positive trip, you can certainly choose the B+ Psilocybe Amplus magic mushroom. They are known for their visual and spiritual journeys, which are accompanied by cheerful and happy feelings. These are the most reported effects:

    • Light to medium visual
    • Satisfied and cheerful feelings
    • More creativity
    • Laugh kicks
    • Colors are more intense
    • Loss of the concept of time and space
    • Senses are enhanced

    What can occur with many other magic mushrooms is nausea and/or vomiting. One of the reasons for the popularity of the B+ magic mushrooms is that they are a bit gentler on the stomach. This reduces the chance that you will feel nauseous or have to vomit. This is also a good reason to choose the B+.

    The dosage of B+ magic mushrooms

    It is important, if you are going to trip with magic mushrooms, to take the correct dosage. How much you take depends on several factors, such as how much experience you have with tripping, your own weight, whether you have eaten anything before and the type of trip you want to have. Use the dosage instructions below:

    • Microdosing: 0.2 grams of dried mushrooms | 2 grams of fresh mushrooms
    • Mild trip: 1 gram of dried mushrooms | 9 grams of fresh mushrooms
    • Normal trip: 2 grams of dried mushrooms | 21 grams of fresh mushrooms
    • Intense trip: 3.5 grams of dried mushrooms | 35 grams of fresh mushrooms

    Which dose is right for you now? With magic mushrooms, it is always a matter of finding out what works for you. If you have a lot of experience with magic mushrooms, you can take a higher dose. The effects are then more intense. But if this is your first time with this kind of magic mushrooms, a lower dose is more sensible. Start slow and see what this does to you. You can take the B+ mushrooms fresh or dried. You can also make mushroom tea from it. Bring water to a boil and let it cool down for a while. Do not put magic mushrooms in boiling water, as the hot water will destroy the psychoactive substances. Let the mushrooms steep for 20 minutes, then the tea is ready.

    Preparing a B+ mushroom trip

    In order to have a nice trip, it is necessary that you are in a safe and familiar place. Therefore, make sure you are well-prepared. Choose a place to trip that you know well, such as in your own home or at a good friend's house. The more you can relax, the better you can let go and surrender to the trip.

    It is therefore advisable to ask someone to be a tripsitter. Usually this is a good friend. This person will remain sober and can help you if the trip does not go quite as expected. Sometimes it can happen that you lose all sense of time and space. It seems as if the trip will never end. Your tripsitter can then reassure you. It is also useful to purchase a trip stopper. This product is very suitable for taking the sharp edges off your trip.

    Purchase All In One Growkit B+ online

    Buy your All In One Growkit B+ online now. Go for these magic mushrooms that are easy to grow and provide an unforgettable, positive trip. The grow kit contains everything you need, plus a clear manual. When you order, we will send your grow kit to you in a safe and neutral packaging.

    The 9 instruction steps for the B+ mushrooms Growkit

    Download here : All In One Growkit Manual

    With these nine steps below, you can maximize your mushroom harvest. This way you have more magic mushrooms, and you can enjoy a trip more often or with multiple friends.

    1. Wash your hands thoroughly and clean the exterior of the GrowKit with a clean, wet cloth. Remove the lid, but save it for step 3.
    2. Fill the GrowKit with lukewarm water (20ºC) to the edge.
    3. Replace the lid and let the GrowKit soak for 5 to max. 50 min. Note: Never soak for more than one hour.
    4. After soaking, remove the cover of the GrowKit and gently pour away the excess water. Drain the GrowKit 5 to 10 seconds
    5. Add lukewarm water (20ºC) to the growth bag. For the 2100cc GrowKit: 1 cup (0.25 litre). For the 1200cc GrowKit: 1 cup (0.25 litre). Place the GrowKit in the growth bag. Make sure the water doesn't cross the edge of the GrowKit
    6. Close the growth bag by creating a cover on the top and securing it with two paper clips (part of the GrowKit package).
    7. Put the grow kit in a place out of direct sunlight. Do not put the GrowKit under a lamp and not on or near a heater or heat source. The ideal temperature is between 20 and 25 º C. “Leave the bag closed until the pre-pins start to form” (this may take one or two weeks) In this stage the kit doesn’t need any oxygen but high CO2 level.
    8. “After the pre-pins have been started to grow” Moisten the kit daily with a spray bottle (maximum 1-2 pumps). In this stage the mushrooms needs fresh H2 O and O2 and the CO2 need to escape. This is also important after harvesting.
    9. The first mushrooms will be visible in two weeks. Be patient, it may take a longer period of time before the first mushrooms will grow. The mushrooms should be harvested just before the skin underneath the hats starts to loosen up.

    The harvest: carefully grab the handle, turn the stem quietly left and clockwise, and then pull it up quietly to pull the mushroom out as completely as possible. In this way, new mushrooms may grow again.

    Content of your B+ magic mushroom Growkit

    The B+ growkit is now easy to buy in our online smart shop. After your order, you will receive it discreetly at home within a few days. In the packaging you will find:

    • Psilocybe Amplus B+ 1200 or 2100 cc
    • Grow bin
    • Grow bag
    • Grow instructions

    Harvesting the magic mushrooms from your B+ mushroom Growkit

    After growing your B+ magic mushrooms. But how many grams of magic mushrooms do you actually get from a magic mushroom grow kit? The B+ mushroom grow set is available in three sizes, 1200 cc and 2100 cc.

    • 1200 cc B+ mushroom growkit yields 400 grams of fresh magic mushrooms
    • 2100 cc B+ mushroom growkit yields 1 kilo of fresh magic mushrooms

    However, these numbers apply only to one flush. From this B+ mushroom growkit you can pick at least 4 flushes, harvest, before it is really up. With the 2100 cc B+ mushroom growkit you can get not 1 kilo of fresh magic mushrooms in your house but 4 kilos of fresh B+ magic mushrooms. How many flushes you get from the mushroom growkit depend entirely on the care you stop in growing the magic mushrooms. The more careful you deal with this, the more magic mushrooms you can grow.


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