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    Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
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    € 594,95
    Tsunami V Power Vapor Kit For (CBD) Liquids
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    € 54,95
    G Pen Elite

    G Pen Elite

    The G Pen Elite is made by Grenco Sciences in co...
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    € 119,95
    Leaf Buddi Talos Dry Herb Vaporizer

    Leaf Buddi Talos Dry Herb Vaporizer

    Looking for a new portable vaporizer? Then meet ...
    In stock
    € 84,95
    Mighty Vaporizer

    Mighty Vaporizer

    The mighty vaporizer is perfect for those who ar...
    Out of stock
    € 329,-

    We also sell portable vaporizers, desktop vaporizers and also pen vaporizers. You can vaporize herbs with a vaporizer, but you can also vaporize tobacco, weed, CBD and hash with a vaporizer.

    What is a vaporizer?

    A vaporizer is a type of e-cigarette with which you can vaporize herbs such as cannabis, hash, but also other herbs such as aromatic eucalyptus, chamomile, lavender or mint. The fabrics are heated at a temperature of 157 to 226 degrees. There is no combustion in the vaporizer, which means that no harmful substances such as benzene, toluene and naphthalene are released. And that while substances such as THC (the psychoactive substance in cannabis) are activated. You also do not need tobacco or other smoking necessities such as tips, rolling papers, ashtrays and cones.

    Why vaporizers are trending

    As most people know, smoking is not very healthy. And that in a society in which health is becoming increasingly important and the costs of tobacco, for example, are skyrocketing. That is why vaping, or vaping, is a solution to smoke herbs or e-liquids (with and without nicotine). Because the substances are vaporized, fewer harmful substances are released and vaping is a more responsible way to smoke. This is therefore very interesting for smokers who do not smoke tobacco. You then no longer need tobacco at all to enjoy cannabis and hash!

    What kind of vaporizers are there?

    You can buy different vaporizers (online). These are the portable vaporizers, desktop vaporizers and pen vaporizers. All these vaporizers are made for different circumstances, but all with the same goal: you can easily vaporize e-liquids and herbs with the vaporizer.

    Order portable vaporizers online

    The portable vaporizer is a handy battery-operated vaporizer that you can easily take with you. This allows you to vape anytime, anywhere.

    Order desktop vaporizer online

    The desktop vaporizer can be seen as a kind of electronic water pipe. The desktop vaporizer has a lot of power and is mainly intended for vaping with friends. It has a strong and stable evaporation power and quickly provides a high for you and your friends.

    Order pen vaporizer online

    A pen vaporizer is the smallest vaporizer you can order and is also the most affordable vaporizer. The pen vaporizer is extremely easy to store and you can easily fill it with CBD or E-liquids.

    With all these vaporizers you can vape different products such as weed, hash, CBD, but also other E-Liquids. Always check in advance whether the liquid is suitable for your specific vaporizer.

    What are the benefits of vaping?

    As mentioned, vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking. You do not burn any substances, which means that substances such as tar are not released during smoking. This is particularly beneficial for people who smoke pure weed or hashish, because pure cannabis releases more tar than a mixture of cannabis and tobacco. In addition, there are a number of additional reasons why vaping is a good alternative:

    The taste is better

    The vapor is purer and cleaner, allowing the flavor to come out better. This ensures a more pleasant taste and less pressure on the lungs.

    Dosing is easier

    If you like ‘classic’ you get all the active substances in one session. With a vaporizer you get more out of the vaped material. This allows you to extend the use up to four times! This will save you money quickly and you will earn back the vaporizer in no time. Because you can last longer with a dose, you also earn back your investment for a vaporizer. Especially, because the device is intended for long-term use, while smoking is a one-time use. In addition, there are sometimes special herbal solutions that have been specially developed for the vaporizer that are more concentrated and taste than herbs that you have to burn. 

    Vaping is cleaner

    You do not burn products, which releases fewer harmful substances than when smoking. This also makes it a cleaner medium than traditional smoking and weeding.

    Vaping aromas for a better quality of life

    As mentioned, you can also vape herbs such as lemon balm, jasmine, chamomile and thyme. The oils contained in all these herbs are very healthy and also smell nice. Chamomile, for example, has a very calming effect on the body and reduces stress. With a vaporizer you can take it quickly. You can also vape CBD with a vaporizer. This ensures that the CBD is absorbed faster by the body.

    Order your vaporizer online at Dr. Mushroom

    You can easily order your vaporizer online in our webshop! The vaporizers are from renowned brands such as Storz& Bickel, Tusanmi and Grenco Science. de vaporizers are a real investment that you will quickly earn back. Do you have any questions about a specific vaporizer? Then we will gladly answer them by e-mail ([email protected]). Order your vaporizer online now and we will ship your vaporizer as soon as possible! 

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