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    Vape herbs can be vaporized in a vaporizer. In this device, the plants and herbs are vaporized instead of burned. Show more



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    Mystic Hash

    Mystic Hash

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    Relaxmix - 50 gram

    Relaxmix - 50 gram

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    Pink Lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera) – 25 Gram
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    The temperatures in the device are much lower than when you smoke. This allows you to perceive the different aromas even better and all the active ingredients of the herbs are preserved. Did you know that besides cannabis, you can use many more herbs in a vaporizer? You can find them here, in our webshop.

    Vape herbs in a vaporizer

    Vaporizers are suitable for vaporizing herbs. Most people know you can vape cannabis, but if you stick to that, you're missing out on a lot! There are many different herbs with mind-altering effects that you can vaporize in a vaporizer. You will find in the Dr. Mushroom webshop a wide range, both of mixes and loose herbs.

    How about Algerian Blend for example. This herbal mixture contains damiana, passion flower, wormwood and wild lettuce. You don't need much to get a nice effect. You can vape Algerian Blend, but also drink it as a tea. Another popular spice mix is ​​Alice in Wonder mix. It doesn't get its name for nothing and takes you to a wonderful wonderland in a short time. Red clover, catnip, damiana, passion flower and skullcap are some of the herbs that provide a great high.

    There is a herb for everyone. If you want to relax, choose Wild Lettuce or the Tranquility mix. For a sultry evening with your partner, go for Damiana. And if you're feeling a bit gloomy, St. John's Wort can help. This will put you in a better mood faster. Vaping is the ideal way to enjoy the benefits of these herbs. Take a look around the webshop and then order your vape herbs online.

    The benefits of vaporizing herbs

    You may be considering vaping herbs and we can certainly recommend that. Because there are many advantages to using a vaporizer. A vaporizer is of course a bit more expensive to purchase, but it quickly pays for itself because you need less herbs than if you smoke them. That's because the device works very efficiently.

    In addition, the great advantage is that the herbs are evaporated and not burned. The temperature remains between 150 and 225 degrees. When herbs burn, harmful substances are released, which then end up in your lungs. This is not the case with vaping, so it is much healthier to do. And another advantage is that you get more active ingredients through vaping than when you smoke. When smoking, a large part of the psychoactive and other active substances is lost due to the high temperatures.

    Those are three major advantages over smoking. Finally, there is the taste. Now taste is always a very personal matter and everyone has their own opinion about this. But because the vaporizer works at lower temperatures and the active ingredients are released well, the aromas you taste are pure and intense. Of course, that makes vaping an experience to enjoy to the fullest.

    The ease of vaping herbs

    Not only is vaping healthier than smoking, it's easier in some ways. There are great vaporizers for at home, but if you want to enjoy your herbs outside, that's also possible. You can simply take the small handy portable vaporizers with you in your jacket or trouser pocket. In addition, the odors that are released during vaping are less strong than when you smoke. So it is also less noticeable. If you feel like vaping, it's a matter of simply putting some herbs in the device and turning it on. You don't have to roll a joint. Convenience serves people and with a vaporizer you can enjoy your favorite herbal aromas anytime, anywhere.

    Order vape herbs online in our webshop

    There is little as easy as ordering online. When you want to buy herbs in a physical store, you often don't take the time to look around. That is the advantage of online shopping: you can take as long as you want and compare all herbs properly. No one to look at you or wait for you. Take your time and choose the herb that appeals to you. Once you have ordered, we will process your order quickly and discreetly. You will receive your herbs at home in neutral packaging.

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