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Wormwood 2:1 extract - 5 ML Artemisia Absinthium

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This extract is very bitter, which little can be done about it. You can add some peppermint leaves or anise to the tea.

Wormwood is the main ingredient of the legendary absinthe drink, invented by a French doctor in 1792. Although intended as a medicine, it became very popular as a recreational drink. The effect is narcotic and mildly hallucinogenic. Wormwood is a fairly light narcotic herb that gives a relaxed comforting feeling.


Wormwood is poisonous in high doses. Frequent and long-term use of Wormwood can lead to addiction, as can physical and mental decline. High doses can cause nervousness, restlessness, cramps, headaches and dizziness. An overdose can manifest as unconsciousness, coma and death. When you have made the absinthe, first try a small glass and wait for the effect for an hour. If necessary, take a higher dose at a different time. It is better to dose too little and not notice anything than that you may poison yourself or get sick. Driving is strongly discouraged when you are under the influence of Wormwood.

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