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      The seeds of Yopo, Syrian rue or Hawaiian Baby Woodrose contain hallucinogenic substances. They are therefore popular to use. We sell a wide range of different seeds. We also make growing plants easy with sponge pots and propagators. Show more



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      Growing made easy

      Whatever you want to grow, a propagator will give you the best results. It is a mini greenhouse where your seeds can germinate safely and in a stable environment. The Propagator Pro 2 comes with a thermometer, six built-in LED lights and a bag of perlite. Place the Spongepots in the greenhouse and you can get started. The 20 small trays contain a mixture of peat and coconut, which provides a good breeding ground for the seeds.


      The psychoactive substance 5-MeO-DMT in Yopo

      One of the most famous plants used for tripping is Yopo. This plant from Central and South America contains the psychedelic substance 5-MeO-DMT. It causes visual trips that users experience as very special. It feels like a rebirth or a transition to a new, heightened consciousness. Yopo was and is often used by shamans for a spiritual journey. The effects of Yopo are somewhat comparable to Ayahuasca (which contains the same type of psychoactive substances). However, the effects of Yopo do not last as long. Only the seeds of the plant are used for tripping.


      The long history of Yopo

      Yopo has been used for centuries in Central and South America. Traces of its use date back to four thousand years ago. Hollow bones with seeds of the yopo were found. In Peru, archaeologists also found leaves from which the drug was sniffed, which date back to 1200 BC. For shamans, Yopo was very important, it took a central role in ceremonies, because of its mind-altering effects.


      LSA: Lysergic Acid Amide

      LSA is another psychoactive substance that causes hallucinations after ingestion. In terms of effect, it is comparable to LSD. The difference, however, is that LSD is a drug made by humans in a laboratory. LSA occurs naturally in certain plants. The abbreviation stands for Lysergic Acid Amide, but is called ergine or lysergic acid amide in Dutch. LSA is found in plants such as Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, Syrian Rue and Morning Glory. We offer all these seeds in our webshop.


      The effects of LSA seeds

      Although the effects of LSA are similar to those of LSD, they are somewhat milder. With moderate use, you will notice hallucinations of light to medium strength. It also has a calming effect. LSA has a different effect for everyone. You may become more interested in your environment than usual. Your self-awareness can increase and everything that happens you experience intensely.


      History of LSA

      The effects of LSA were also known early on by the indigenous peoples of Central America. The Aztecs and Zapotec Indians used them in rituals to receive the messages of the Gods. Seeds containing LSA were first described in the 16 th century.


      How do you use LSA seeds?

      You use seeds that contain LSA as follows: first you chew the seeds, but you don't swallow them. Now put the chewed seeds in half a cup of water so that they can soften. Then you can drink the water with the seeds in it. That way you get LSA. It is recommended that you do not eat anything 6 hours before use so that you have an empty stomach.


      Buy LSA and Yopo seeds

      In our webshop you can find various entheogenic agents (such as LSA and & nbsp; 5-MeO-DMT, but also salvia apiana, kanna or Mimosa Hostillis). Whatever trip you want, for self-discovery, spiritual journeys or a visual voyage of discovery, there is something for everyone. If you order your seeds, they will be neatly packed and sent to you quickly and discreetly.

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