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Salvia Mystic 40X Extract - 1 Gr

Salvia Divinorum Mystic Extract 40x

This very strong Salvia Divinorum Mystic Extract 40x is of excellent quality and is equipped with a trip level indicator, see product photo at the top right of Stage 6. The Salvia Mystic extracts are categorized in 6 stages / trip levels. A Stage 6 trip level is the strongest Salvia extract from the brand Mcsmart. This 40x extract is only intended for someone who has a lot of knowledge/ experience with Salvia divinorum and who has often taken all other trip levels. This Salvia extract 40x gives a very intense heavy indescribable trip and therefore absolutely not suitable for a beginner.

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Salvia Mystic Extract 40x

Salvia is a real power plant! A plant native to Mexico that was used there centuries ago by the Aztecs to meditate better and make spiritual contact with the gods. Today, Salvia divinorum is a true trend among smart drug users. With its intense and intense trip, this plant is truly one of the strongest psychedelic plants on Earth.

Effects Salvia Mystic Extract 40x Stage 6

This Salvia extract has the most highest trip level: level 6. This is the strongest Salvia extract from Mcsmart. Salvia 40x extract gives powerful and super intens extreme effects. Salvia stage / level 6: No longer being aware of your body. Individuality can be lost and you can become as one with the divine, the spirit and the universal consciousness.

  • S - level 1: SUBTILE EFFECT
  • L - level 3: LIGHT VISIONS
  • V - level 4: VISIONS
  • I -  level 5: IMATERIAL
  • A - level 6: AMNESIE

The following effects can all be experienced with the use of Salvia Mystic extract 40x:

  • Smile kick to stomach ache
  • Loss of body coordination
  • Observing other realities
  • Visions (hallucinating) and change in visual perception
  • Feeling of peace and tranquility
  • Feeling of deep understanding
  • Tunnel vision
  • Feeling of anger
  • Feeling confused
  • Observing geometric patterns
  • Feeling of flying or floating
  • Feeling of being one with the Earth's energy field
  • Feeling of being part of one big whole
  • Traveling to other places or times
  • The user is unable to remember the experience
  • Can't walk at all but can also make uncontrolled movements

Dosage and use Salvia Mystic Extract 40x

Be careful with this extremely powerful extract. Salvia Mystic Extract 40x will give you a heavy trip. With these types of high extracts it is better to first test yourself with a small dose (test doses). This way you prevent that you will soon be caught off guard with the effects and or maybe end up in a bad trip. The test dose for Salvia Mystic extract 40x is 0.012 grams. A normal dose is between: 0.012 - 0.037 grams.

Setting for using Salvia Mystic 40x extract

If you plan to use Salvia extract, it is very important that you find yourself in a serene and peaceful environment. A positive mood is very important for a responsible and safe trip, Salvia Mystic 40x extract strengthens the mood you are in. Salvia is absolutely not a party drug or social drug, avoid places with noise and many people. Use Salvia Mystic 40x extract in a quiet familiar environment like in your own home. Make sure you have a trip sitter nearby during your use and the trip. This is a level-headed confidant, boyfriend, girlfriend who you can reassure and help if needed. Do not mix Salvia Mystic 40x extract with other psychedelics or alcohol. Do not use Salvia if you have mental health problems and are on medication.


Salvia can be hazardous to health when combined with certain medications, alcohol or MAO inhibitors. Do you use medicines? Always consult your doctor first and read the package leaflet of your medicine to prevent health risks. Also, do not use Salvia if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Be responsible with Salvia and therefore do not participate in traffic when using it. So do not drive or drive other vehicles.

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