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Salvia Divinorum

Buying Salvia divinorum is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Salvi divinorum is a plant also known as "the seer". Salvia is able to provide you with a trip and insights like you have never experienced before. A trip full of hallucinations, visuals and sensations. Of course, the intensity of the trip is linked to the height of the extracts and the dose that you take. We offer Salvia extracts for beginners to the real psychonauts and between. Below we offer our range of Salvia divinorum:



Salvia divinorum is a plant with velvety soft leaves. This plant originates from Mexico and contains a very powerful psychoactive substance salvinorine. Like many other entheogens, Salvia divinorum was also used by shamans medicine men-women in healing and spiritual rituals. In the 90's Daniel Siebert started experimenting with a group of people with Salvia divinorum. They documented their experiences and sold it on the internet. You could say they introduced this strong hallucinogen to the Western world. Today Salvia is as famous as the Magic Mushroom. The popularity of this plant is increasing day by day. Salvia belongs to the plant species Sage.

There are about 900 different types of Salvia, there are Salvia species to use in the kitchen as a herb and there are decorative plants for the garden. This means that not every Salvia plant is a hallucinogen. So leave the Salvia in the garden center, you cannot smoke it unless there is specific label that says Salvia divinorum but the change is little that you find one.

After all, you really don't want to smoke the wrong Salvia, that's why it's much safer to purchase Salvia divinorum only in smarthops. It will be difficult to generate strong psychoactive effects by only smoking the leaves of the Salvia divinorum plant , this is simply because there is not enough salvinorin in the leaves. But if you use Salvia divinorum extracts such as 5x / 10x / 20x up to 80x mild to strong hallucinogenic psychedelic trips are guaranteed. These plants are specially cultivated and therefore contain higher levels of salvinorin.


The psychoactive plant Salvia divinorum belongs to the Labitae family and comes from the Sierra Madre mountains in Oaxaca Mexico, known as the Mazatec region. The shamans or medicine men-women or as the Mazatecs call them curanderos (m) or curanderas (v), used Salvia divinorum as a tool to identify diseases and find out the causes by gaining insights using Salvia in rituals. Divinorum has therefore been nicknamed "of the seer". The use of Salvia goes back to the history of Central America. Unfortunately, not much can be found about the use or experiences in writings.


The Salivia Divinorum plant can cause very strong and unique visual hallucinations. The effects are so intense and cannot be compared with other natural psychedelics. It cannot be compared with, for example, with psylocibine (magic mushrooms) or other psychoactive plants. The effects depend very much on the dose you take. With a low dose you will notice light effects and with a high dose the effects can be overwhelming to very strong. Salvia divinorum users report some similarities in smoking effects to DMT. They do add that the effects of Salvia are much more radical and that you should therefore be careful with comparisons.

Effects reported by users:

  • Smile kick to stomachache
  • Loss of body coordination
  • Observing other realities
  • Visions (hallucinating) and change in visual perception
  • Feeling of peace and tranquility
  • Feeling of deep understanding
  • Tunnel vision
  • Feeling of anger
  • Feeling confused
  • Observing geometric patterns
  • Feeling of flying or floating
  • Feeling of being one with the Earth energy field
  • Feeling of being part of a big whole
  • Traveling to other places or times

Daniel Siebert invented the S-A-L-V-I-A Experiental Rating Scale for users of Salvia divinorum. This diagram shows the different stages of the Salvia effects. Let's start with the:

"S"; - level 1: SUBTLE EFFECT

  • A relaxed feeling and some lust exciting. Feeling stimulates meditation and can increase sexual pleasure


  • Colors become more intense, textures feel different and spaces can seem bigger or smaller, music you feel instead of listening to it, short-term memory works less.

"L"; - level 3: LIGHT VISIONS

  • Visual observations with closed eyes, think of: visual clear images and geometric patterns. These effects are similar to what one experiences when falling asleep.

"V"; - level 4: VISIONS

  • Vivid visions with closed eyes. Complex three-dimensional images and scenes, voices can n be heard, encounters with entities or other energy life forms, inner journeys abroad, communicating with shamans. As long as you keep your eyes closed, this experience will feel like truth, and who knows, it might be the truth.


  • No longer being aware of your body. Individuality can be lost and you can become as one with the divine, the spirit and the universal consciousness. In this state, it is impossible for your body to function as you wish. Many users will try to walk around what fails and will fall over. It is important so if you plan to experience level 5 make sure you always have a trip sitter (friend / sober who keeps an eye on you and reassures you if necessary) to to keep an eye on you.

"A" Level 6: AMNESIA

  • Memory loss or loss of consciousness. The user is unable to remember the experience, cannot walk at all, no more control of the body, injuries can be sustained without the user noticing this. This level is undesirable and the state of trance is far too deep to experience it.


The duration of the trip effects depends entirely on the amount of dose the user has taken. The effects of Salvia can last between 15 min to 3 hours. Salvia divinorum gives the fastest effect if you smoke it. After a few puffs, Salvia starts working immediately and the trip with the associated effects will take between five and twenty minutes before the effects will decrease. If you eat Salvia or ingest it through the oral mucosa, it will take longer to notice the effect. This is because the body needs more time to process all active substances. The trip also takes longer, usually about 2 to 4 hours if you take Salvia divinorum orally.


Many people who used Salvia divinorum for the first time are disappointed because they hardly felt any of the effects of this wonderful plant after smoking the leaves. With dried leaves it is difficult to say exactly how much you need to experience a good trip. The preference of a bong water pipe when using dry Salvia divinorum leaves is preferred by Salvia users because you can store a lot of Salvia divinorum in it and thus take a larger dose.

However, dried Salvia divinorum leaves contain very little salvinorin and therefore a large dose is desirable. It remains difficult to experience a deep good trip with only dried leaves, provided you have kilos of Salvia divinorum ready and you are willing to smoke a lott. Smoking salvia as a joint does not work either, after all you need too many leaves for the effect. You could build a mega thick Salvia meter joint, but then the question is whether it works, it's to much hassel.


As described above, we can conclude that you have to consume or smoke too large amounts of Salvia leaves to experience an in-depth trip. Ultimately you want to experience a great trip and that is very easy with the use of Salvia Extracts. With our extracts of 5x / 10x / 15x / 20x / 30x / 40x / up to 80x you are assured from mild trips to extremely heavy trips!

A 5x Salvia extract means that the leaves are 5x stronger than the dried normal Salvia divinorum leaves. So you do not have to put whole bundles of Salvia leaves in a bong, but only a little bit in a pipe. You will not be disappointed with these Salvia extracts! All levels according to the S-A-L-V-I-A Experiental Rating Scale are discussed.

To reach the first level of this rating scale, a puff of a 5 or 10x extract from a normal pipe (no bong) is enough. Of course, the Salvia divinorum extracts from 15x and up are not recommended for beginners. Always start with a low Salvia extract to get used to the world of Salvia. The extracts from 15 and up are for the real psychonauts who have experience with Salvia. Don't be a hero as a beginner respect this plant and you will be amazed at its magic!


If you plan to use Salvia, do not do this on your own, but make sure you have a trip sitter. This is a nuch tender good friend who can look after you and be there when needed. Do not take Salvia divinorum if you have mental health problems. Provide a familiar environment with a good sofa or bed to lie on. Always treat Salvia responsibly, so don't take Salvia divinorum if you have consumed drugs or alcohol. Do not use Salvia if there are weapons, knives or other dangerous objects within reach. Do not participate in traffic. Be careful with heights and flammable objects such as candles. Always think and carefully consider the amount of dose (which extract?) You want to take. After taking a trek, lie back and relax and close your eyes for visuals, don't walk around. Do not give Salvia divinorum to people who are not aware of it. Do not give Salvia divinorum to children, violent or unstable people. Do not take Salvia divinorum in public or at work. Salvia divinorum is not a party or social drug avoid using Salvia at parties, crowded places, clubs or festivals. Do not take Salvia if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.