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Baby Hawaiian Woodrose 10 Seeds

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Argyreia nervosa seeds are rich in LSA.
LSA induces a strong psychedelic experience.
You take 5 to 10 seeds for a visionary experience, the experience lasts about 8 hours.
Argyreia nervosa seeds are from Hawaii.
The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is a mythological Soma plant, the definitive botanical identity of which is unknown. "Soma" is the liquid potion derived from the Soma plant, and the earthly counterpart of Ambrosia, the ancient, mythical potion of immortality reserved for the Hindu gods and their ancient priests, the Brahmanas.


LSA can consciously alter it in a way that is consistent with other tryptamine hallucinogens.

The hallucinatory effects can be compared to alcohol intoxication with psychedelic visual effects such as better and more intense colors. The effect lasts 6-8 hours.

Remove any remaining skins and make the seeds as fine as possible with a knife or scissors. They can also be ground with a coffee grinder. Place the ground seeds in a cup and pour some hot (but not boiling) water over it.

Let this stand for at least 1½ hours before straining. Drink the liquid first, preferably on an empty stomach, and eat the pulp half an hour later (or just throw it away).

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