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Trip Stopper - 6 Stuks

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Trip stopper

With a trip stopper at hand, worries are gone and you can enjoy psychoactive substances such as magic mushrooms or magic truffles even more. A trip stopper takes off the edge your trip when it's needed. Be wise and make sure you will have one near by just incase.

Buying a tripstopper

Tripping on mushrooms or magic truffles requires some preparation. This way you ensure that you always have enough food and drink at home and that a trip sitter is present. The last important thing is the trip stopper. Make sure you always have these at home as soon as you go on a trip on magic mushrooms or truffles.

Why use a trip stopper?

Having a trip stopper at home is not only important when your trip gets too intense. It is also a comforting thought in your subconscious mind when you start a trip. The fact that you have a trip stopper at home already gives a nice feeling and that contributes to a pleasant trip. You probably don't even need the trip stopper, so you only need to buy it once.

What's in a trip stopper?

If you buy a trip stopper from us, you will find 2 different pills in the pack of tripstoppers. It contains 2 dextro tablets and 2 valerian capsules. The valerian capsules help you to relax more and remove the sharp edge. The dextro tablets are there to reduce the effects, the impact, of your trip.

When do you use a trip stopper?

Using magic mushrooms and truffles, or psychoactive substances, is always an exciting experience. You never know how your body will react. Even if you already have a lot of experience, every trip can be different. Today may be the day when the magic mushroom or truffle falls slightly differently than you are used to. Maybe the trip is too deep or you come into contact with less pleasant feelings because you feel less comfortable in your own skin. Now is the time to grab your trip stopper. It will not stop the trip immediately but it will speed up the breakdown process. This means that you are slightly less affected by the power of the psychoactive substances. And that can make the difference between a bad trip and a great experience.

How do you use a trip stopper?

As soon as you decide to use the trip stopper, take the 2 dextro tablets first. Then you take the 2 valerian capsules with a large glass of water. It is wise to eat something savory for 10 minutes. like a sandwich. Find peace and try to stay calm. Focus on your breathing, as with meditation, and realize that the trip will soon end.

Buy Tripstopper online

When you order a magic mushroom grow kit or magic truffles in our online smart shop, it is wise to also order a trip stopper. As mentioned, the fact that you buy a tripstopper already gives a reassuring feeling. This feeling allows you to relax more and that benefits your trip.

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