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McKennaii Premium Mushroom GrowKit Small

The mushroom that was discovered by renowned psychonaut Terence McKennaii. The McKennaii mushroom is not just any magic mushroom it's one of the strongest magic mushrooms available. We therefore only recommend this magic mushroom growkit to experienced psychonauts.

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The content of a McKennaii Mushroom Growkit Small

When you buy the McKennaii Mushroom Growkit Small from us you will receive a grow kit containing top quality mycelium. You will also receive the following items:

  • A 250cc grow kit with Psilocybe McKennaii mycelium
  • A grow bag
  • A paperclip
  • Growing Instructions

This gives you everything you need to start growing the McKennaii mushrooms right away.

Top quality McKennaii magic mushrooms

The McKennaii magic mushroom was discovered by the Godfather of Psilocybe cubensis. The discoverer, Terence McKennaii, is an American writer and teacher who has researched the power of psychoactive mushrooms. This magic mushroom is named after the best man. We can rightfully say that this McKennaii magic mushroom grow kit is of the highest level. You will not find better quality mushrooms then these. They will give a fantastic trip.

The effect of McKennaii mushrooms

This mushroom provides a spiritual trip full of visual effects. It is therefore recommended for anyone looking for a philosophical trip. Given the power of these magic mushrooms, it is only recommended for experienced psychonauts. The hallucinations of the McKennaii mushrooms are strong. Some even claim to be stronger than the Hawaiian Copelandia mushrooms. With the McKennaii mushroom grow kit you can quickly enjoy a great amount of fresh McKennaii mushrooms.

Use McKennaii mushrooms

One of the most frequently asked questions is how many shrooms you should consume for a good trip. There is not really a fixed dose because It depends on things like your body weight and your mood. Yet there is a guideline. Use 9 grams of fresh magic mushrooms for a light trip. This equals 1 gram of dried shrooms. Do you want a more intense trip and do you have experience with McKennaii mushrooms? Then you can go up to 35 grams of fresh mushrooms. This is the same as 3.5 grams of dried mushrooms.

Growing McKennaii mushrooms with the Growkit Small

Growing mushrooms in your own home is a piece of cake. The grow kit is completely ready-to-use and can be set up directly for growing fresh mushrooms. With a grow instruction you can enjoy McKennaii mushrooms in no time. With a 9-step plan guide, anyone can grow mushrooms in an easy way at home.

Getting multiple harvests from a mushroom growkit

When you buy a mushroom growkit it is good to know that you can harvest this kit several times. Most mushroom grow kits can handle up to 3 or 5 harvests. This only applies if you follow the correct steps from the breeding instruction.Ultimately, a mushroom grow kit will yield you an awful lot of McKennaii mushrooms. And that is enjoyment.

Magic mushroom growing guide

With your order you will always receive growing instructions, but you may want to know in advance how growing mushrooms works. That is why you can read the manual for growing McKennaii mushrooms below. These instructions will help you grow your mushrooms and ensure the greatest harvest.

  1. When growing magic mushrooms, a clean working environment is important so that you minimize the chance of contamination of the magic mushrooms. Wash your hands carefully and wipe the outside of the mushroom grow kit with a wet towel before opening the grow kit.
  2. Now remove the cover from the grow kit and pierce 6 to 8 rows with holes in the top layer with a clean fork so that the top layer can absorb water better.
  3. Now fill the grow kit with lukewarm water up to the brim and place the lid back on the grow kit. This will let you soak for 1 hour.
  4. After an hour, pour the water from the growkit. Be careful but try to let the grow kit drain for 5 seconds.
  5. Add two cups of water to the grow bag and place the grow kit in the grow bag. The water should not overflow the grow kit.
  6. Flip the grow bag over at the top so it is airtight and slide paperclips over to seal.
  7. Now place the grow kit where you will be growing the mushrooms. This should not be located next to a direct heat source, under a lamp and also out of direct sunlight. This way you prevent the grow kit from drying out. The ideal temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees. A heat mat can help with this.
  8. Only as soon as the pre-pinheads become visible does the growkit need fresh oxygen and humidification. Until then, simply leave the grow bag closed. However, as soon as the first pre-pinheads become visible, open the grow bag daily and moisten the grow bag with a maximum of 2 syringes from the plant sprayer.
  9. Probably the first mushroomsTo be able to grow, open the grow bag every day and moisten the grow bag with a maximum of 2 syringes from the plant sprayer.
  10. The first mushrooms will probably be visible after two weeks. This can also take a little longer. Harvest the magic mushrooms just before the film under the cap starts to come loose.

Buying a McKennaii magic mushroom growkit Small

Buying a grow kit is super easy. You don't even have to go out the door. Order your McKennaii mushroom growkit Small in our online smartshop. We will pack it carefully for you and deliver it to your home in no time.

Magic mushrooms can be dangerous to health when you combine it with certain medications, alcohol or with MAO inhibitors. Are you using drugs? Always consult your doctor first and read the package insert of your medicine to prevent health risks. DO NOT use the magic mushrooms if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Treat these Magic Mushrooms with respect and use them only when you are in a positve mood and a peaceful environment.
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