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Magic Truffel Grinder

Truffle grinder

With the magic truffle grinder you can grind your truffles without any effort. This is without a doubt one of the favorite products from our smart shop among psychonauts. The truffle grinder makes eating truffles a lot easier.

Truffle grinder provides a better taste

When you chew on magic truffles, flavor molecules are released. These flavor molecules have a different taste from other foods that you consume regularly. By grinding your truffles, less flavor is released when eating the truffles. A pleasant thought for people who do not like the taste of magic truffles. After all, not chewing is not an option, because then you will miss a large part of the psychoactive substances.

Making truffle butter with the truffle grinder

Do you want to eat your magic truffles easier? Then you buy a truffle grinder. This truffle grinder turns your magic truffles into small pieces. As mentioned, this reduces the taste and makes it easier to eat the magic truffles.

Less vomiting thanks to the truffle grinder

Especially when you suffer from vomiting when eating magic truffles, the truffle grinder is a godsend. Due to the restriction of the flavor molecules thanks to the grinding, you also have less problems with vomiting. This means that you naturally keep more of the magic truffles in when you do not vomit and that benefits the effect of the psychoactive substances. In addition, a tendency to vomit creates a feeling of stress. That creates adrenalin in your body. Adrenaline is a protective agent for your body and that also has an impact on the effect of the psychoactive substances. It stops the effect to protect your body.

Benefits of a truffle grinder

  • Faster effect of the magic truffles
  • Makes your trip more effective
  • Less trouble with a bad taste
  • No nausea or vomiting
  • Makes it easier to use the magic truffles in dishes or drinks

Buying a truffle grinder

Buy a truffle grinder to decrease the taste of your magic truffles while eating. The magic truffles taste better and are better absorbed by your body. The trip you are going to experience will therefore also be better and more intense.

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Truffle Grinder
You can use our truffle grinder to finely grind the truffles into a paste so that it is finer to consume them.
Optionally, you can mix the truffles into your Yoghurt or custard or make truffle tea.
Grinding the Truffles makes the taste finer, this is because less flavor molecules are released during grinding in the magic truffle grinder.
This way you can eat the magic truffles more easily and they will be absorbed into your bloodstream faster.

Magic truffles more effective after using the magic Truffle Grinder

Eating magic truffles can sometimes lead to vomiting or even actual vomiting. This is of course a real waste of your magic truffles. In addition to the vomiting that keeps you in less magical truffles, your body also produces adrenaline in case of vomiting. You create adrenaline to protect yourself and so your body will also protect itself against the psychoactive substances from the magic truffles. As a result, the psilocyne will have less effect on you and that is a waste of your trip on magic truffles. You can prevent this with the magic truffle grinder. Advantages of the magic truffle grinder:

Faster effect of the magic truffles

Makes your trip more effective
Less bothered by a bad taste
No nausea or vomiting
Makes it easier to use the magic truffles in dishes or drinks
Buy Magic Truffle Grinder
You can buy the magic truffle grinder quickly and easily at the DRpaddo online shop.

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