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100% Mycelium Growkit

Extra Potent Freshmushrooms are the latest trend in psilocybin mushroom grow kits. These shrooms contain twice as much psilocybin than the average shrooms from other grow kits. This is a very progressive company that uses innovative cultivation techniques. Freshmushooms are true pioneers in the field of psilocybin mushrooms and truffles. With decades of growing experience, they have managed to develop the ultimate 100% XP mycelium grow kits. The 100% XP mycelium grow kits from Freshmushrooms are very reliable and very easy to grow because of the 100% mycelium. When setting up the 100% XP mycelium grow kits from Freshmushrooms, no water is needed as is the case with most grow kits. These are really very special psilocybin grow kits that require very little care in order to reach full bloom.


What does XP stand for in 100% XP mycelium grow kits Freshmushrooms

XP stands for Xtra Potential. Due to the 100% mycelium substrate, the mushrooms of the Freshmushrooms contain a much higher concentration of psychedelic active substances than many other grow kits. These mushrooms can be called very potent because they contain on average no less than twice as much psilocin as the usual types of mushrooms. This means that half a dose of the usual amount is enough to provide you with a mindblowing psilocin mushroom trip. With 2 grams dry you already have a strong to extreme trip with the XP mushrooms from Freshmushrooms.

Which 100% XP grow kit from Freshmushrooms suits you best

Most people are well aware that magic mushrooms have special psychedelic effects. After all, it is very important that you choose the right 100% mycelium XP grow kit to grow. The right grow kit is of course the grow kit that suits you best in terms of strength and effects. We have added to all our Freshmushrooms grow kit descriptions for whom which mushroom grow kits is suitable. Of course you will also see a diagram with the effects / strength at the products pictures of the Freshmushrooms 100% XP grow kit. It is very important that a beginner mushroom user chooses a light psilocybin mushroom grow kit in terms of strength. This way you prevent bad trips and bad experiences.

What is a Mycelium?

The 100% mycelium grow kits from Freshmushrooms are of extremely high quality. The mycelium is an underground network of fungal threads (also called hyphae), which allows the fruits (magic mushrooms) to emerge in the right climate. With a 100% mycelium grow kit from Freshmuhsrooms you have the optimal breeding ground at home. This substrate is fully (100%)  grown with mycelium. This creates Extra Potent mushrooms with no less than twice as much psilocybin per mushroom than the average mushroom from other grow kits.

What causes the magic in psilocybin mushrooms?

What is psilocybin? Psilocybin is a chemical that is broken down by an enzyme in the body. The Alkaline enzyme is able to remove the phosphate groups from different molecules. This process converts psilocybin into psilocin. The psilocin cell, which is almost identical to the serotonin cell, is not recognized by the neurotransmitters in the brain as psilocin but as serotonin. This acceptance allows the psilocin cells to enter the brain, causing the psychedelic effects to be perceived.

How many Psilocybe Cubensis Freshmushrooms XP mushrooms should you take?

We always recommend testing your sensitivity for psilocybin as a beginner. This can be done by taking a test dose. A test dose is 0.3 gram dry. Look at how you react to this, maybe you don't like it at all and then you are glad you did not take 4 grams. Most psilocybin mushroom dosages are more or less the same, namely:

  • Low effects - 1 to 2 grams (dry)
  • Low effects - 10 to 20 grams (fresh)
  • Medium effects - 2.5 grams (dry)
  • Medium effects - 25 grams (fresh)
  • Strong effects - 3.5 to 4 (dry) grams
  • Strong effects - 35 to 40 (fresh) grams

Because the XP mushrooms are incredibly strong and contain twice as much psilocin than the normal psychedelic mushrooms, you can divide this dosage schedule in two.

Multiple harvests from one 100% XP mycelium mushroom grow kit

Each grow kit can provide you with multiple harvests. It is important that all steps are followed according to the instructions on our website or the downloadable PDF file. With the first harvest, pull the mushroom out completely one by one in a circular motion. The complete removal of the mushroom will leave room for the next flush (harvest). With proper maintenance of the magic mushroom grow instructions it is possible to achieve up to four flushes from one grow kit. It is important that you harvest magic mushrooms in time before the caps open and leave their tracks. This process is detrimental to future harvests. If you take good care of your psilocybin mushroom grow kit, you will be rewarded with an incredible amount of doses of magic mushrooms.

Yield 100% XP mycelium Freshmushrooms grow kit

All 1200cc 100% mycelium Mushroom grow kits from Freshmushrooms deliver a harvest between 400 to 800 gr. of fresh mushrooms. If you want to know how much of this dried mushrooms divide the result of your fresh mushrooms by 10. So for 800 gr. fresh mushroom, it would be 80 gr. dry.

Content of 100% XP mycelium grow kits from Fresmushrooms

All Freshmushrooms grow kits are, all in one, ready to grow, grow kits. This means, that when you receive your grow kit, you can set it up right away and start growing your magic mushrooms. The grow kit is equipped with all the attributes needed for the perfect mushroom grow. A grow bag with micro perforation, grow kit 1200cc 100% mycelium and a paper clip are included.

Setting for using psilocybin XP Freshmushrooms

Where you plan to consume psilocybin mushrooms is critical to the experience. Magic mushrooms are absolutely not suitable for parties or festivals. The psilocin is able to at least double your senses, creating the chance to become over-stimulated in busy environments. We recommend that you always use magic mushrooms in a trusted environment with trusted people. Your own living room would be perfect for a mushroom trip. Please tidy this up first and, for example, prepare your music list and perhaps something to drink so that you do not have to get up during the trip. A trip sitter and a trip stopper are a real plus. A tripsitter is a good friend who supports you where necessary in a sober state. He / she can reassure you that, for example, the trip is finite. You take a trip stopper if you want the trip to slow down. Both are very important for a relaxed state of mind.