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Dr. Mushroom, the expert in Mushrooms & Truffles!

We are known for the wide range of psylocybin magic mushroom and truffles. Not surprising of course given the name Dr. Mushroom. We have been looking for years for the best magic mushrooms that can be found all over the world to achieve and create an high quality grow kit.  With our grow kits you can easily grow beautiful magic mushrooms.  That may sound complicated, but with the ready-to-use magic mushroom grow kits, this is very easy. In no time you have several harvests of magic mushrooms with which you can enter the fantastic hallucinatory world. Thorough psychoactive travel guaranteed!

Magic truffles are from the same magic mushrooms undergound network(Mycelium) 

Mushrooms you buy online at Dr. Paddo. Here you will find magic mushrooms but also magic truffles in our range. Magic mushrooms and magic truffles go hand in hand. Although the magic truffle is not technically covered by the mushrooms, the effects are largely the same. Magic truffles give you the same hallucinatory effect through the psychoactive substances that you find in the magic truffles. Therefore, our magic mushroom research was soon accompanied by the magic truffles. So when we decided to set up an online smartshop, it was logical to include magic truffles in our range in addition to magic mushrooms.

A smartshop with more than just magic mushrooms and magic truffles

At Dr. Paddo, you can buy much more psychedelics than magic mushrooms or magic truffles. We also offer other smartshop products that provide hallucinations such as mescaline cacti, salvia divinorum and LSA seeds. But sometimes you don't feel like hallucinating at all. Would you rather relax or get more energy? Even then, we can help you. With us you can simply buy kanna, kratom or medicinal herbs online.

Buying your CBD edibles and cannabis food online

As an online smart shop, you can no longer do without CBD edibles and cannabis food in your webshop. The CBD edibles are extremely popular and can no longer be ignored in the smartshop. It is tasty, healthy and just fun to buy and eat CBD edibles. You can see these CBD edibles in more and more forms on the market and not only at smart shops. That makes us believe that CBD edibles can be found in any household straight away. Never tried before? This is the time.

Microdosing is the way to get more out of life

During our research on magic mushrooms and magic truffles, we also discovered microdosing. After reading the experiences of successful CEOs and entrepreneurs from Silicion Valley, we were immediately enthusiastic. This is the way to achieve goals that seemed so far out of your reach at first. That is why microdosing is something that belongs in our smart shop.

Make yourself comfortable with our headshop products

Using soft and smart drugs makes you more pleasant with our headshop products. Smoking herbs, rolling a joint or weighing the right amount of your portion of mushrooms is a lot easier with one of the products from our headshop. That's why we also offer headshop products to our smartshop customers. Only in this way can you be a one-stop shop for smart drug lovers and that is what we at Dr. Paddo (Mushroom). Creaving for magic and making life as easy as possible.

One-stop-shop smartshop

Nothing is more annoying than ordering different products in different webshops. You pay shipping costs again and again and the delivery days often differ from each other. Preferably you just order everything at once at one smart shop. That is why we have a wide range of products that make your experience with smart drugs as pleasant as possible. Whether it's magic mushrooms or magic truffles for a hallucinatory trip or if you want to use these magic mushrooms for microdosing, we have it all and in one order deliverd at your home.