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For the lucky lover, we have 7 truffles in 1 package. Nice for an evening full of partying with psychonauts and or special occasion. The LUCKY NR 7 consists of 6 box with 15 grams of fresh truffles and 1 box of 22 grams of different kinds and strength.

Atlantis - 15 gr
Mexicana - 15 gr
Mushrock - 15 gr
Tampanensis - 15 gr
Dragon's Dynamite - 15 gr
Dutch Dragons - 15 gr
High Hawaiians - 22 gr

This is the offer every psychonaut has been looking forward to.

Offer of multiple Magic Truffles

Want to enjoy magic truffles with friends? Or would you rather pay less for a trip on magic truffles? Then buy the magic LUCKY NR 7. This is the ideal offer for the next party you are going to celebrate with your friends.

Which Magic Truffles are included in the LUCKY NR 7?

When you and your friends are going to use magic truffles from the 6-pack, you'll have to decide who gets which box of magic truffles. That's why we would like to briefly share with you which magic truffles are in the 6-pack and what you can expect from them.

Atlantis truffles offer you a colourful world like you have never seen before. Your energy level will also rise and visual effects will occur. The trip will also be philosophical with 15 grams of fresh truffles.

Mexicana Truffles are ideal for friends who don't have a lot of experience with magic truffles yet. You will feel good in your skin, get more energy and see mild visual effects. It is an enthusiastic encounter with the magical world of truffles.

Mush rocks Truffles, also known as Psilocybe Galindoii, are ideal for the average user of magic truffles. They give you mental and visual effects and you can get stronger in touch with yourself.

Tampanensis Truffles are the couple's philosophical truffles. They make you look at life in a different way, and it often happens that after using these magic truffles people change some things in their lives. But it's not just heavy thinking. The Tampanensis truffles really make you laugh.

Dragon Dynamite truffles are a bit stronger. That means that the visual effects can be intense and you can also feel euphoric. It lets go of your inner dragon, so to speak. So prepare yourself for a deep and intense trip.

Dutch Dragon truffles give you a strong trip. Visually, mentally and also the body effect will be intense. The feeling of a body high is strongly present and get ready for a long trip full of waves with visual effects.

High Hawaiians truffle is the strongest sort of truffle available and gives besides the visual effects also a pleasant and happy feeling. The High Hawaiians let you experience your avons like you haven't felt in ages. Everything to never forget the evening.

The Magic Truffle party with friends

With the Lucky NR 7 the party can really start. Something for everyone with a nice discount. Buy your magic truffles online now and prepare for a day you will all never forget. Welcome to the new trend, magic truffles parties.

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