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High Hawaiians Mushroom Truffles

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High Hawaiians Truffles

The strongest magic truffles in our range are the High Hawaiians Truffles. With the amount of psychoactive substances in these truffles you are assured of hallucinations and a great trip. We only recommend this truffle for experienced psychonauts.

Buy High Hawaiians Truffles

Ready for the trip of your life? That trip starts with buying High Hawaiians truffles. In our online smartshop you can easily choose from our range of magic truffles. We ship the fresh magic truffles to you quickly and in discreet packaging. And in no time you can start the trip of your life.

The Effects of High Hawaiians Truffles

The visual effects that the High Hawaiians truffles give can be considerd as one of the most powerful magic truffle in our range. Your trip will start with the change of colors and perception in sounds. It will all be pure an clear like never before. After that, chances are, that you are constantly laughing and eventually you will be confronted with visual effects and hallucinations. All this is accompanied by a feeling of euphoria.

High Hawaiians Truffles are for experienced psychonauts only

The magic truffle from Hawaii is also known as the Psilocybe Tampelandia. This is one of the most powerful truffles in the world. That is why we recommend that you only buy the High Hawaiians truffles if you are an experienced psychonaut. The impact is so great that some experience with the world of psychedelics is recommended.

How long does a trip on High Hawaiians truffles take?

The duration of the trip on Hawaiian truffles is between 4 and 6 hours. You will notice the first effects about 45 minutes after eating.

Why are you going to trip the High Hawaiians Truffles?

The High Hawaiians Truffles are magic truffles due to the active substance psilocybin. This creates the visual hallucinations and visions you get after eating the magic truffles. Psilocybin is therefore extremely popular and this makes the Hawaiian truffles one of the most popular magic truffles in the Netherlands.

High Hawaiians Truffles Guide

When you start using magic truffles, a good preparations is a must. That means that you make sure you have everything you need at hand before you start to consume magic truffels. Make it easily accessible. Maybe just on the table. In addition, we recommend that you buy a trip stopper and have it at home for when you are going to trip. This goes hand in hand with a tripsitter. A sober friend who guides you during your trip. It is good that there is someone there that you can rely on when the trip gets a bit unpleasant.

Before you start eating your truffles, it is wise not to eat anything for a few hours. Magic truffles work best on an empty stomach.

You eat the High Hawaiians truffles raw. It is best to wash away any bitter taste with water. Start with half a serving of truffles. After the first effects, about 45 minutes after eating, you can decide whether to take the remaining portion of the truffles or leave it at that for the moment.

Storing High Hawaiians Truffles

If you keep the High Hawaiians Truffles cool and dry, you can often keep them for at least another month. The ideal temperature is between 3 and 5 degrees Celsius. Be sure to check the expiry date on the packaging to see how long they can be stored.

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